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Urban Work, LLC

Tiffin, Iowa

Matching Partner: Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust

I grew up in the French colony of Togo in West Africa. I studied finance back home, and before coming to the United States, I owned a shop where I sold various technology, including TVs and computers. My love for challenge and creative ventures pushed me to start a side business assembling furniture and building playsets for people and families in my neighborhood. After a year of doing these projects, I decided to take the next step in my business, establishing Urban Work LLC. I have taken on new projects with this established company, including painting jobs, bathroom and kitchen installations, and more advanced furniture building. My dream for the future is to have my own real estate company and buy old houses or apartment complexes to renovate, sell or rent out.

Business Description

Urban Work is a small company that is ready to take the next step in fulfilling more significant and advanced customer needs. We provide a wide array of handyman services, including building play sets, assembling furniture for living rooms, kitchens or patios, painting, and carpentry of all sorts. If something is broken in a home (faucets or other plumbing needs) our company can assist! Many of the customers I’ve been working with needed outdoor assistance over the summer months. As I am ramping up for winter, I am hoping to upgrade my transportation and equipment to serve these needs over the winter months better.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

Urban Work would like to acquire a van to transport tools and some materials to the work site so we can serve a wider radius. I have been building up my collection of tools, which means I also have larger, more advanced equipment. These tools do not currently fit in my car. Instead, I have to make multiple trips from my home to my customers’ homes. This is costing me time and money. I recently took a job painting the deck of one of my clients. Because this deck was huge, it required a lot of paint cans and materials. If I had a vehicle that allowed me to take a trip to Home Depot and go directly to the job site (without making multiple trips back home in between), I could complete these jobs much faster and with more ease.

Additionally, I need a couple of updated tools to better serve my clients. This includes a new saw (DEWALT 12-in 15 Amps-Amp Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Corded Miter Saw) and a larger paint sprayer (Magnum Project Painter Plus Electric Stationary Airless Paint Sprayer). I’m very excited to take this next step with my business and serve customers nearby and outside my neighborhood.