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Lakisha of Highly Respected Quality


Highly Respected Quality

North Liberty, Iowa

Living in a violent neighborhood in Chicago where everyone sold drugs to make a living, I’ve always known there was a better way forward. After losing my youngest brother to gun violence, I had to find a way to pull myself out of depression for the sake of my three young boys. So, I decided to move away and turn that pain into power. Through the memory of my brother (who loved fashion but was too cheap to buy designer clothing), I decided to start my own brand and give others like him an opportunity to dress with style in an affordable and HIGHLY RESPECTED way. I’m leading by example hoping that my three sons will look up to me and never run to the street gangs or drug life for money. I’m giving them a better chance at life, and I’m determined to make this business a huge success.

I sell clothes featuring my company name and logo. The name of my business is ‘Highly Respected’ and the logo is a Phoenix, which represents resurrection and life after death. I conduct sales through an online platform, and most of my customers are from the surrounding area. I started my business in late 2019 to keep the memories of my youngest brother alive. I work a full-time job outside of running this business, because I want my kids to become entrepreneurs and look up to their Mom. After struggling with depression following the loss of my brother, I decided to lead by example and show my kids we can rise above anything, keeping a positive outlook on life as we go. I also wanted to show my kids that while you may not be able to afford designer brands, you can still dress in fashionable attire that feels and looks high quality.