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Hometown Soul

Columbus Junction, Iowa

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My name is Kortney from Columbus Junction, Iowa. I grew up in the agriculture industry and have always loved western fashion.

Growing up, I always loved going to livestock shows and getting to shop. The shopping was what you got to do when the hard work of showing was over. However, there were not many times I would get to shop western fashion if not at a show, since it wasn’t popular in my area. My goal is to open Hometown Soul and give all the small-town girls in my area access to western fashion that I never had growing up.

Business Description

My business goal is to offer western fashion while keeping the hometown roots. In my area, western fashion is not something we have easy access to. Being from a small town, if we want to shop for western fashion we have to drive for over 2 hours.

My biggest goal is to help women feel beautiful in their own skin. In today’s society, there is so much time spent comparing yourself with others – wishing you could change something about yourself, and so on. I want to throw that mindset out and help women love themselves just the way they are! While wearing our clothes from Hometown Soul, I want women to be able to say “This is me and I am proud of who I am!”

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

The purpose of this loan is to help purchase equipment and inventory for my boutique. It will help cover the cost of buying shirts/blouses, jeans/shorts, as well as jewelry. This loan will also allow me to purchase a computer, label printer, clothing racks, and various other office equipment needed to get things up and running.