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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Matching Partner: Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust

Koffigrill is a young African’s dream come true. My name is Koffigan Amoudji, and I come from West Africa (Togo). Ever since I came to the United States, it has always been my dream to have a business that would help me take care of my family, add value to people’s lives, and help immigrants integrate into the community.

American culture – working full time and going to school full time, I’ve always struggled to find the time to cook. I often craved African meals, but I couldn’t find options nearby. My friends also had the same feelings and issues regarding accessing African food options. That’s when I realized we needed an African restaurant here in Cedar Rapids.

Business Description

Koffigrill Afro Caribbean Food is a place where you can get a mix of American, Caribbean, and African food. Freshly cooked for you in minutes, we have more than 24 meals that people combine in different ways, depending on their taste. We are located in the Food Court of Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I decided to start this business to provide delicious American/African/Caribbean mixed meals to people here in my community – exposing them to new cuisine styles.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I’m applying for this loan because I need funding to renew and upgrade our equipment, hire new employees, and buy more inventory for the upcoming busy season. Some of this equipment includes getting a quality Koffigrill sign in front of our space and purchasing a fryer, blenders, and a new meat cutter. When it comes to inventory, we are looking to purchase wholesale spices, seafood, rice, and beans and stock up on food containers and cutlery.

This loan will help me run my business more smoothly and satisfy my customers. With another employee, we will be able to move faster and more efficiently in the kitchen. And, with an influx of inventory on hand, we will be able to have all meals available at the time and not run out of stock.