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Momma 'Nem Soul Food & Catering

Waterloo, Iowa

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We own a soul food business that is currently operating from the commissary kitchen in our church. We are currently cooking, packaging, marketing and selling our food products. Our desire is to operate via a mobile truck, serving the general public and those who seek delicious, authentic soul food at a fair price and served at rapid speed. Our founder, Lena, developed the idea of selling soul food to make a profit from her home. After passing from cancer, her children and grandchildren took on the business to carry her legacy forward.

We are applying for a loan to purchase our first food truck. In addition to making this purchase, we plan to renovate and wrap the truck in our logo. The trailer we are currently considering will need a new exhaust system installed, in addition to some updated flooring. The truck will also need a concession window cut in, and we plan to purchase some updated equipment to outfit the space properly. This equipment includes two fryers, and a refrigerator and freezer that will be located under the counter space. Some of these funds will also go torward purchasing a generator. As you can see, this loan will have a tremendous impact on our business; allowing us to continue serving the community in a new and mobile capacity!

Our founder Lena started this business from her home to serve the community patrons and also make an extra income for herself. When she became ill from cancer, her two daughters – Mary and Julie – continued the business. Lena passed in 2018, but Mary’s daughter, Marketia (me!), attended Culinary Arts school and helped structure the business. I have a passion to be my own boss and my next goal is to purchase, outfit, and run a food truck business for the family. This passion lies in serving people high-quality, convenient, delicious food from scratch. Soul food is becoming a lost art, and we want to continue this legacy by exposing people to top-notch soul food. Mary is a self-taught chef and has been in this business for 25 years; Julie has 35 years under her belt as a self-taught chef; and I have been in the industry for 16 years, and have obtained a culinary degree. What motivates us most is continuing Lena’s legacy, God, and creating generational wealth.