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Emily Peterson of The Green House, Iowa City, Iowa


The Green House

Iowa City, Iowa

Matching Partner: CRBT

I currently am the sole proprietor of a plant-themed bar just off the downtown area of Iowa City. We have created a wonderful, cozy space for our community and are always looking for ways to grow! Along with my love of plants and greenery, I have a passion for hospitality and for creating nurturing spaces and places for impactful social experiences. Human connection is so important and I love that I am able to create a place where my patrons are able to relax and unwind with friends. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years, and I love building relationships with my community. I have a seven year old daughter, Naomi, and a wonderful husband, Dan, who are my biggest fans and who inspire me to do great things every day.

The Green House is a plant themed lounge and cafe just outside of downtown Iowa City. We serve plant themed cocktails, coffee, tea and non alcoholic beverages and elixirs. We are adjacent to our farmers market and a local food co-op. Our space is full of light, greenery, and we really bring the outdoors inside with all of our plants! We have two open air patios and plenty of cozy nooks for our patrons to gather in a comfortable way. I started my business in the fall of September 2022 after realizing the need for a greener, spacious, more comfortable alternative to the crowded downtown bar/lounge scene. We’ve become a little haven in our community and I have loved being able to grow so much in just half a year’s time!