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Denise of Denise & Ruthie's Loving Daycare


Denise & Ruthie's Loving Daycare

Cedar Falls, Iowa

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I am Denise (Mattie), a Registered Daycare Provider and Founder/CEO of Denise and Ruthie’s Loving Day Care. We operate 24 hours a day and offer respite care, emergency services, and drop-off services. We also are ABA certified and CPR certified. Being ABA certified allows us to deal with any behavioral problems we may face in a way that leads to better outcomes, instilling confidence along the way. My business is a home-based daycare located in the Cedar Valley area in Iowa. In Cedar Falls, Iowa, there is a strong need for 24-hour care options. When I was growing up, I always babysat my siblings, cousins, and various children in our neighborhood. And my late Aunt Ruthie always used to say to me: “you truly love kids, so one day you should open your own childcare center!” I am thankful that parents can go to work and know their kids will be in good hands at my home. I currently have a waiting list, and I look forward to taking on more children.

What pushed me to become a small business owner started with my natural passion for working with children. Also, the inspiration and encouragement of my late aunt Ruthie Jean Humphrey, who helped raise me. She constantly pushed me to reach further and I always found myself drawn to caring for children; even before I had children of my own. When I used to babysit in my younger years, it always brought me joy to care for children and offer their parents relief at the same time. So naturally, I decided to open up a daycare where I could turn what I was most passionate about into a much-needed service for those in my community.