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Ruff&Scruff Pet Grooming

Waterloo, Iowa

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I am your local, mobile dog groomer! I provide full grooming services such as baths, nail trims, anal excretions, teeth brushing, hair coloring services, and more at an affordable price right outside of your home! This business began in November of 2022 because I am a loving dog owner that was looking to cut cost and found passion in creating a beautifully groomed dog. I have my own barber shop and cut the heads of my clients and their dogs, including the 4 dogs I have on my own .

I have been living in Waterloo, Iowa for nine years. I own a barbershop and have four dogs. I began dog grooming to cut costs for my household and found that this was very similar to what I was already doing at my existing business. I have found a passion with mixing the love I have for animals and cutting hair and I look forward to being able to provide that service right outside of people’s homes.