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Bej'a Christmas of Anemoia, Inc.


Anemoia, Inc

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Matching Partner: CRBT

I Bej’a Ayanna Christmas, a Black American Woman of Creole, African & Sioux Native descent, started this journey to Anemoia because the need for stories to be told from a non-white perspective, and the influence is too great to keep pushing off as an afterthought.

I will continue to fight for unknown Black Artists & Other Artists of Color like myself by using media, entertainment content and technology to project and uplift unknown artists. Our tagline is, “we are the ones, we’ve been waiting for”, because we have. The tagline is taken from a part of our theme song, written by me.

The lyrics are; “Daring to dream… daring for change. Daring to Hope… daring to chance. Nostalgia for a time, you’ve never known, we are the ones, we’ve been waiting for.” And every door is an open, at Anemoia.

My goal is not to change the media and entertainment industry, just to simply create a lane of inclusivity within it so that we can exist and our stories can exist. It is my divine hope that Anemoia Studios becomes a safe haven to the Unknown Marginalized Talent of this world.

The doors of Anemoia will always be open to those who simply wish to do what they love and get paid a livable wage that supports them and their family; financially, mentally, and physically. That is why I created this company and that is why applications like The Red Book coming to fruition are so important. It allows us to have a presence and give voices that have been silenced a platform to speak and join together. It’s all about creating community.