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Amanda Dee Photography

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Born and raised in the beautiful midwest city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I have had a passion to photograph all things since a very young age. My father was a photographer for the US Navy and allowed me and my six siblings the freedom to explore the craft by developing roll after roll of film as we grew up. I absolutely fell in love with photography!

I slowly turned that passion into a business over the last 19 years while raising three children. When my youngest was born over ten years ago, I went all in and made photography my full-time job. I haven’t looked back since and cannot imagine doing anything else as a career. I’ve survived and thrived through a divorce and a pandemic and am finally ready to expand beyond my one-woman show. I need to delegate certain tasks and aspects of the business and focus on the parts I do best by hiring a team of professionals.

This step has been long overdue, and I know with the help of some capital to assist me in making these changes, my business will become more profitable and sustainable, and I will be able to offer my community quality photography services for many years to come.