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Dark Vassal Gaming

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Matching Partner: Community Bank and Trust

Hello! Dark Vassal Gaming is a family business. We were born and raised in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area of Iowa and hoped to contribute positively to our community. We are passionate about all types of gaming and the communities that come with them. I, Jordan, played trading card games and video games competitively. In 2018 this transitioned into buying and selling to fund the hobby. This was when it started to grow. In 2022 we are finally opening a brick-and-mortar location. We hope to create a fun and welcoming place for all to play. Thank you for reading and for all your support!

Business Description

Dark Vassal Gaming provides a place for residents to gather in a safe space to play and learn various tabletop games! We operate in Cedar Falls, Iowa, near the local library. I started 2018 flipping trading card collections, which have slowly grown over the years. In 2022, in the aftermath of the pandemic, I decided to open a physical location. It has started to take off, and I have received so much praise and excitement from the surrounding community.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I am applying for this loan to help bring on additional staff to extend our operating hours and increase sales. We also need to expand our inventory and offerings, ensuring we have a more comprehensive selection of board games and trading cards for purchase. When it comes to cards, some of these include Magic The Gathering, My Hero Academia, and Meta Zoo. Our board game inventory will consist of games such as Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Arkham Horror Files. We currently offer a menu that includes drinks and snacks, but we would like to upgrade these offerings to provide a more comprehensive selection of items. Additionally, we need to update our food and drink display.