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AMIDST Magazine

Dubuque, Iowa

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I am the founder of AMIDST, a digital + print magazine and dedicated online community for Midwest creatives. I live in Iowa with my supportive husband, our independent two-year-old daughter, and four sweet pups. I’m a traveler that loves to share new experiences but loves coming home to the Midwest.

I started AMIDST with a passion for storytelling, sharing the Midwest experience, creating a space for connection, and challenging the stereotype that you have to leave the Midwest to be a successful creative. I have a background in fashion styling, costume design for independent films, and writing for area publications. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many amazingly talented creatives across the Midwest in a variety of industries, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and many others. Making these connections and seeing the expertise right here in our own backyard is what inspired me to launch AMIDST.

I found while there are many beautiful city-based magazines, there wasn’t a regional publication that focused on all twelve Midwest states, particularly focusing on stories in the creative fields. Early on in the AMIDST planning stages, I was fortunate to connect with another publication that ran for six years that had a similar mission as AMIDST. They were key in our successful launch, generously sharing the dos and don’ts of the industry. I want to continue to pay that community over competition mentality forward, share stories of where the Midwest meets art, beauty, culture, design, fashion, film, music, photography, and more. The magazine really is meant to serve all creatives in the Midwest, with their story told in their words, and acting as a centerpiece of community for readers. Throughout the process, it has been important to me to be inclusive, understanding, and broaden the definition of what the Midwest experience is.