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Bubble's Boba Tea

Eldridge, Iowa

Matching Partner: Quad City Bank and Trust

I have a background in foster care and adoption, and I have also worked in private boarding school settings where ESL is taught. I have worked at Migrant Camps teaching ESL, and though I am not bilingual, I found value in helping others feel comfortable in our country by reaching across language barriers. I am a bi-sexual identifying Mexican American woman who supports and embraces equality and diversity, with a passion.

Another passion I have is for the sustainability of our planet, so we have embraced and committed to conservation measures as part of our business and within our personal lives. My background has made me a fierce advocate for woman’s rights. I have extensive experience in Child Assault Prevention and have worked in battered women’s shelters and Head Start Programs. I believe in equal pay and helping to bridge the wage gap between men and women. I have an interest in human design and human development, and I treat my employees as equals. We believe in handy, capable humans, and will work with anyone who shares our passion for food, life, boba, equali-tea, diversi-tea, and conservation.

Sometimes you meet a person who truly dreams of unity through diversity. That’s me. I love all the beautiful colors that make up the human race, and that’s why boba tea is so intriguing to me. The endless ability to individualize drinks for our ‘Bubble Heads’ AKA our loyal customers, brings so much joy to Bubble’s Boba Tea. We support each unique human that crosses our path. I am a wife, a mother, and an adoptive and biological parent, and I receive treatment for mental health stability. Despite all of this, I manage to find ways to run and grow a successful business!

Business Description

During the pandemic, we decided to open a business in our small town. We had several motivating factors, the greatest being that we wanted our children to experience diversity in our very small town in Ohio. Food is safe and offers a gentler way to learn about other people. We opened a food truck park in April of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic by bringing food trucks to our small town and offering safe, outdoor eating options.

As the pandemic came to an end, we faced a dilemma with our building due to improperly disposed of gas tanks. At that time, we had to pivot and and relocated in a shopping mall, becoming a food/bubble tea shop. When we couldn’t reach the growth we had hoped for, we pivoted once again and became a food truck style business—Bubble’s Boba Tea was created.

Very quickly we embraced the opportunity to grow our business and have received two contracts in the Quad Cities area. We are working on a third contract to provide bubble tea and food services to local community colleges and event centers. We hope to continue to grow and are so excited to bring our message of equality, diversity, and conservation to the Quad Cities, with a goal of becoming a brand know for bubble tea and good food throughout the Midwest.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

Applying for this loan will give us the start-up money we need to hire employees and pay them a decent wage. Also we will use funds to buy biodegradable to-go boxes, containers, and boxed water to reduce our use of plastics. Our goal is to reduce our plastic use by 40%. We will use these funds to buy equipment necessary for creating a healthy work environment for our employees and patrons. These funds will also allow us the chance to create a small emergency fund in case there are hidden costs to jumpstarting this next venture. After all, Covid taught us all that preparedness is key.