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Honey Skin Esthetics

Fort Dodge, Iowa

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I’m from a small town in Iowa, and I’m the mother of a toddler who inspires me to be great every single day. Growing up, I always enjoyed experimenting with my mother’s makeup, and as I got older, I was always doing my friend’s and family’s makeup and hair for various events. Pretty soon, I developed an interest in different types of skin, masks, treatments, formulas & eyebrows. Thus, led me to enroll in college to further my education in 2020. Throughout the years, I noticed that I was never truly happy in the different roles I’ve had professionally, until now.

I became an esthetician because I was tired of sitting on the sidelines of other people’s dreams. I have a passion for helping others, and I have always been a supporting role. But now, I’m pursuing my dream career, and I want to help others feel beautiful in their skin by enhancing their natural beauty in different ways. I am always trying to be a light in the world.

Business Description

My business specializes in customized facials, treatments, body waxing & makeup application. I rent a space from a local salon, which is where my business is currently being operated. I decided to start this business when I graduated from college. My initial plan wasn’t to go solo straight out of school, but given Covid-19 and everything being shut down, it was hard to find a place of employment. I decided to start this business because I love the satisfaction I get from making people feel beautiful!

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I’m applying for this loan to help with the business expansion that I’ve projected in the coming years. I will use this loan to purchase new or updated equipment (examples: hydra facial machine, massage tables, steamer, disinfecting/sanitizing implements, and more) and other necessary inventory (examples: image skincare lines, esthemax jelly masks, disposable implements, wax, chemical peels, scrubs, blankets/sheets/towels). I will also be using these funds to upgrade my marketing efforts (email/text marketing, paid ads on social media, and possibly showcasing products and techniques at trade shows). I’m planning on developing my own all-natural, honey-based product line, so a portion of the funds will be used to help me with the production and rollout of this product and provide cash on hand for working capital.

As previously mentioned, I’ve been renting out a salon, and my future plan is to branch off into my very own salon space. I would love to be able to provide others in my profession with a stable job and offer exceptional service in all areas that have been requested by my current clientele. Due to COVID, a lot of spas around me have closed down or aren’t hiring. I struggled to find stable employment after school due to these factors. I want to be able to grow and build a team of loyal, faithful, and humble staff to work alongside me.