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Physique, LLC

Des Moines, Iowa

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“I just don’t understand why you won’t give me the curtains already. You’re not even using them.” This is the conversation I have every time I visit my parents. My mother holds onto the last pair of handmade curtains my grandmother made. They are simple but beautiful. Growing up, when they were hanging in our home, my mother would always get compliments on how elegant, beautiful, and chic they were. You can say they were the topic of conversation!

Those curtains stirred up my curiosity of how to make different things – not just anything – but beautiful items for our home.

During my pre-teen years, sewing became second nature, and I wanted to make everything under the sun in the realm of homelife. I learned to make all kinds of pillows, pajamas, aprons, purses, and blankets. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Home Economics was a must and I learned so much from this course, including how to properly use a sewing machine.

My freshman year in high school was the time in life I knew I wanted to design more than clothing, and I was eager to sew everything. I learned to quilt, hem, and make alterations. Project Runway was my inspiration, and I constantly watched and learned from this show.

My junior year of high school (2006) we had a new sewing teacher who wanted to spice things up, coming up with new ways to bring out everyone’s creative side. That year I helped produce a school fashion show, a show that still happens annually at my high school.

After graduating high school, I kept the idea of sewing in my heart and a sewing machine within my reach, but life just got busy. A few years ago, a good friend of mine asked if I could design a collection for him. He was just starting drag and wanted to make a few custom pieces, pieces that would come to life and tell a story.

I said yes, but I was nervous because my items would be showcased within the LGBTQ community, and those are some high standards. I had created some cool pieces in the past, but wanted to create new pieces of my own. I didn’t want to put any parameters on what I could create and was excited for others to see my work.

Long-term, I hope to see my clothing being worn and displayed within a store. Having others wear my items and order custom items from me is what keeps me going. I aim to have a fashion house with a storefront below, allowing customers to stop into my space, shop about, and place custom orders. This dream is why I keep going!

Business Description

I am a Seamstress/Fashion Designer who designs clothing for all, with an emphasis on serving the LGBTQ community. I spend time creating custom pieces and currently run my business out of my home office. The way I advertise my products is through social media, but I’m looking to expand my advertising reach through new marketing channels. I started this business because the world needs my eye for fashion. Fashion is exciting to me and the latest trends are not my favorite. I can’t wait to purchase new materials, upgrade my sewing equipment and continue to get the word out about my business and talents.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

The pandemic put an extra strain on my business growth. I have been unable to pay models and purchase inventory, but this loan will help me take my business to the next level. My most immediate needs are: upgrading my sewing machine, purchasing various tools, and investing in new fabrics. With this loan, not only will I be able to increase my inventory in order to create new items for purchase, it will allow me to back-pay my models. I will also be able to incorporate new ways of advertising and marketing my products online.