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BBQ Brothers, LLC

Council Bluffs, Iowa

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I started my vision around 11 years ago of becoming a business owner. My passion for cooking started at a very early age, by watching my parents prepare family meals. My motivation comes from the passion and the love I have for creating food plans, catering events, & working with people. I remember when my mother told me to keep my faith and remember that we all have a sunset date waiting for us. I believe whatever passion you have in life, or whatever your calling is, you should always move forward.

I will use my passion and previous experience to build a successful business. As a former military member, I understand the need for organization and planning. I have used these skills with success in previous endeavors. I have experience in catering to large and small events and in working in institutions serving people with specific dietary needs.

I will run a clean, organized kitchen/trailer with a focus on providing the highest quality fresh food to the customer. Customers will appreciate the commitment to our three principles and recognize this is an extension of the respect and regard that we hold for our guests. My commercial kitchen operations are located in a historic building, on the second floor. I started this business in 2017 and I’m passionate about the future of my business, and hope to continue to grow professionally and financially to ensure success.