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Waterloo, Iowa

Matching Partner: Community Bank and Trust

I have always had a crafting spirit. It’s hard for me to walk past something old or new and not see its beauty and potential. I guide with my heart, I have a passion to thrive, and I have the mindset to get things accomplished.

I thought I had an “amazing” job in Human Resources, but years later I would ask myself, “Am I happy? Am I feeding my inner passion?” Last year, after studying and educating myself on the steps to becoming a business owner, I made the leap from employee to the business owner. And I haven’t looked back. After taking this leap, I was immediately reminded of my passion, and I had no doubts about my abilities to host workshops and jump in as an Activities Director.

I have spent a lot of my personal time building an online store and diving into the world of hosting workshops in the Waterloo area (located in Iowa). We have online registration so you can be notified of upcoming workshops’ times and locations. I know there is a need in my community (and surrounding geographic area) for this exciting, stress-free crafting experience. Starting this new business has been such a blessing!

Business Description

DanaRae-LLC is a crafting experience and stress-free workshop environment where you can come and be crafty, and where ‘coloring outside of the lines is a good thing.

Shopping at our online store gives our customers several different gift options. From our rhinestone mugs and personalized tumblers to resin products from key chains to tic tac toe boards, we sell a wide variety. We have recently started a wedding collection called ‘The Blissful Yes’ that includes, personalized mugs, T-shirts, wedding souvenirs, and more. Our latest expansion is in-person and live craft workshops. A couple of examples of recent craft workshops are our terracotta potheads. I am currently working on scheduling canvas artwork using speckle, and also plan to incorporate working with round wood door signs. I hope to have small theme workshops geared around a craft as well, For example, children’s birthdays and bachelorette groups. Additionally, I’d love to have local business owners come in and share their businesses in a workshop. I hope to expand my workshops by updating my current in-home location.

Long-term, I would love to able to have a location where I can host workshops and not worry about finding a hosting location. In addition to crafting workshops, I feel it is important for customers to be able to come in during business hours and try non-workshop crafts. My goal for this workshop component of my business: create an experience to remember!

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

This loan will allow me to purchase additional equipment and update current equipment, purchase products for our online store, and buy products for upcoming workshops (including workshop kits). This will allow me to reach more customers via streaming while also having materials on hand to fulfill online orders.

Additionally, with these funds, I will be able to pay for upcoming renewal licensing and fees, insurance fees, and a lawyer to consult and confirm that my business brand and wording are correct. I would also like to secure a location and plan to lease space so I can cut the cost of renting workshop space regularly.