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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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My name is Curtis and I am 44 years old. I am married and have two sons and four daughters. My youngest is a son who is 14 years old, and he is a big part of the reason we are giving this business a go. In 2016 we lived in Arizona and it was a rather difficult to find employment, which prompted me to start JeMoni’s. During the first JeMoni’s event, it was 110 degrees outside and my grill was burning close to 500 degrees, and I suffered a heat stroke. I ended up sitting in the truck with the AC on for 45 minutes and when my son said “Dad, please, we can’t leave,” I went back out to finish what we started that day. Fast forward to today—we are still on this journey of building a restaurant. It was my son who encouraged us to keep going, and I use this scenario for many teachable and training moments.

Business Description

At JeMoni’s, we are in the business of offering FUN FOOD! I create and cook menu items that you may have had in the past, but with a new twist – thus bringing the FUN back to the dinning out experience. For instance, some of my items include Chocolate Ribs, Cheesecake Pasta, and Pineapple Butterscotch Cornbread.

JeMoni’s operates out of a food cart at local fairs and venues alongside other food vendors. At this point in time, I am trying to get to a permanent location and have the opportunity to become a vendor in a foodcourt at a local mall.

I started this business because I felt like too many times you go out to eat and feel like “wow they could’ve tried harder to offer something more interesting or of better quality for my hard earned buck.” And that’s why we started JeMoni’s.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I am applying for this loan as part of the process to get THERE! Kiva is an avenue and option for me to continue growing my business. This could be my opportunity to succeed and hopefully pay it forward. This loan will provide a stationary stable location for people to come and tell friends and family about our unique food offerings. Also, it will provide me a bit of extra capital to purchase food and packaging items to have on hand. This loan will ultimately provide a space to call home and a great starting place on the journey for longevity.