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Chester Grogan CLS-Laser-Services


CLS Laser Services LLC

Columbus City, Iowa

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I have been involved in woodworking all my life, and I have operated a self-employed carpentry business for 8 yrs, leading up to retirement. Making items like cutting boards and using the CNC laser we have in our shop falls right into my passion for woodworking. My self employed business experience and other lifelong interests helps drive this new business venture.

CLS Laser Services is a business of engraving a wide range of items; from tumblers and glass, to canvas. Our physical location is a shop in Columbus Junction, Iowa, where we operate the laser. In addition to the brick and mortar space, we have an online presence and offer items for purchase through our site. We also attend craft shows and gun shows in the area to sell our products. I started this business to keep busy during retirement years. Prior to this business, I owned a carpentry business and was a minister. My son, an Air Force veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, is also part of the business, and my wife serves as the business manager.