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Power to Heal Deck

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Matching Partner: Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust

I was abused severely growing up and needed inner child healing desperately. I went to therapy for many years but felt there needed to be some type of bridge that connects the therapy with the daily healing work we must do.

Business Description

I created Power To Heal Deck to assist therapists in connecting with those in need of healing and for people at home to begin the journey. I’ve learned that children are benefiting from the cards and I’m blown away! That’s amazing and warms my heart. My deck includes 34 cards with affirmation and descriptions plus a coloring book with an activity pack reminiscent of childhood activities. The deck is an all black deck to provide representation to a marginalized population that does not always receive treatment and needed healing. This is my nod to black people everywhere who look like me. However, the words transcend any racial and cultural boundaries to touch and help heal anyone that’s in need.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I’m applying for this loan because I need funding in order to print the cards. The card files are currently with a printing company abroad, and they are waiting on me to provide the funds necessary to fulfill this order. This company allowed me to start with a smaller batch (200 decks vs. 500 decks) in order to get my business off the ground. I started this deck in 2020 before my Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed. At that point in time, my MS wasn’t as bad as it is now. Throughout my time creating this deck of cards, my MS has worsened, and I had to move across the country to access medical care. While my situation is so very different than it was when I started, I still believe in this card deck and the impact it will have on so many. It will greatly benefit those who choose to put in the work. The coloring book is currently selling on Amazon, and eventually, I’d like to improve this aspect of my business when I start getting revenue from the card decks. The deck and guidebook will be sold on Etsy and Amazon, but I currently use TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest as platforms to engage with my desired customer base. I have made the most sales from the TikTok interactions and look forward to exploring other marketing platforms as I grow this business.