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Kehes to Your Home

Eldridge, Iowa

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Hello, my name is Cassie Kehe and I own my own interior carpentry business. After moving into a 1970s home in 2020 that needed some updating, I decided to learn how to change out the trim, paint, and do some decorative wall accents on my own. I am self-taught and have learned how to do everything and use all of my tools from learning through YouTube and watching others on Instagram!

What started as a hobby, slowly turned into a side business, and has now turned into my full time job! I love what I do and can truly say that I love going to work every day! It has been so much fun transforming small places in other’s homes and I have learned to build so many things that I never imagined I would be able to build.

The demand for my business has quickly grown and the size of the projects have also grown over the last 6 months when going full time. I am now partnering up with a friend where we will be able to offer semi-custom and custom cabinets to clients. To be able to keep up with demand, we are expanding the business into a warehouse and the need for larger equipment is also a necessity.

Being a woman in the industry that is mostly made up of men, makes me so proud to continue to grow this business and show younger generations that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

Business Description

This business is an interior carpentry business which provides interior home or small business renovations by providing decorative wall accents, custom walk-in closets, built-in entertainment centers, lockers for mudrooms, cabinetry for kitchens, and much more!

Operated in Cedar Rapids, IA from a new warehouse and working in clients homes.

I started this business in 2021 and turned it into my full time job in June of 2022!

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I am applying for this loan to purchase new paint equipment, purchase lumber to have on hand, and to buy shelving and storage pieces for the warehouse. The demand and project size has outgrown the equipment and workspace I am currently using.

In getting this loan, this will help obtain the equipment needed to keep up with client demand and to be able to complete larger projects in a more timely manner and professional finish! This will take my current business to the next level of more professional and custom.