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Apogee Locomotive Works

Johnston, Iowa

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My name is Aaron, I’m a passionate model railroad enthusiast and a young entrepreneur. I have always enjoyed the constructive aspects of the hobby. I would put together vintage plastic locomotive kits, tune them, paint them, and run them at my local club. Most companies don’t make kits anymore, just expensive, super detailed locomotives that run out of the box.

Because of this, it’s difficult for newcomers to join the hobby, and the ones that do miss out on well over half of what the hobby has to offer. I had so many ideas and locomotives and railcars I wanted to model but more often than not, they would be rare or not made at all. The only option then is scratch-building out of sheets of styrene plastic or brass, and that requires years of experience, time, and money. I was introduced to 3D printing about 4 years ago. After learning what both the technology and I were capable of, I taught myself CAD, and about 2 years ago, I found my passion for designing these 3D-printed kits and selling them for beginners and like-minded hobbyists of all ages to enjoy!