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Bev's Porch

Neola, Iowa

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I grew up in Neola, a small community in Southwest Iowa; the type of town where I’m either related to you or you’ve known me and my family my whole life. I grew up and left my small town for college, tried my hand at living in a few faraway cities, met new people, and learned new things. Throughout my years of journeys and wandering, I’ve always enjoyed stopping into small shops that just envelop visitors in the comfort of its walls. The smells of antiques, new books, and coffee, those that hold the original country charm of unique trinkets and homemade goods, and the friendly staff that chats with you like an old friend.

I am now back “home” and married to my wonderful husband, Timothy, who is also from Neola. We have two gorgeous children with one on the way, and love our community, and want to see it thrive. Now that I have years of retail under my belt thanks to a number of jobs while working in college, I am eager to bring a storefront to our hometown much like those I have cherished over the years. Everything I have ever loved about friendly and unique small businesses will be poured into Bev’s Porch, which is dedicated to the memory of my loving grandparents and biggest supporters, Beverly and LeRoy, who unexpectedly passed away last winter.

I want Bev’s Porch to wrap everyone in the welcoming, joyous, and comforting atmosphere that visiting your grandparents would bring. Sit down with a cup of coffee, purchase a gift, browse the homemade goods, or stop in for a chat.

Business Description

Bev’s Porch intends to be a warm, welcoming, and unique retail storefront in one of Neola, Iowa’s oldest standing buildings which, unfortunately, has been sitting empty for quite some time. I look forward to reviving a beautiful brick historical building while bringing new business to a small town that could use more opportunity. Inside Bev’s Porch, we will carry a unique array of home decor and housewares, gifts, homemade treats, coffee and tea, and last but certainly not least, locally crafted goods. I am thrilled to utilize the talents of so many local crafters and vendors by giving them a platform to show off and sell their hard work. Anything from honey, jams, and soaps to woodwork like spoons, decor signs, and trivets to quilts and towels. I’m also delighted to provide a cozy lounge area of vintage furniture for coffee, reading, and visiting. Need a gift for your wife or teacher? Stop in! Are you hosting tonight and need a bottle of wine? Come see me! Does a quiet space to read your new book sound ideal? Come make yourself at home!

Bev’s Porch is dedicated to the memory of grandparents, Beverly and LeRoy, who passed away unexpectedly last winter. I hope for their legacy to live on in the charm and comfort of this wholesome storefront for years to come.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I am applying for this loan in the hope to gain assistance with the startup with Bev’s Porch. This loan would be beneficial in acquiring many necessary large items on my list such as a cooler, coffee machines, microwaves, and could help build my inventory. Given that the business is set to open in an old building, the loan would assist with a handful of renovations like new ceiling tiles, updated lighting, and cosmetic features. It would also be helpful for advertising purposes of the store.