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Master These Top Five Challenges in Intrapreneur Academy

After investigating feedback from graduation presentations, session feedback forms, and two alumni focus groups, we have narrowed down the top five challenges Intrapreneur Academy can help you master. Challenges ranging from perspective to planning to shifting the way you interact with systems are not easy to solve in a vacuum. This list focuses on the core challenges we can help you solve through intrapreneurial behaviors. If you see yourself in one of these challenges, Intrapreneur Academy may be the different program you need. 


You see the potential to optimize areas of your organization. Yet, creating that optimization feels like a bridge too far. Push back like, too little time, not enough budget, investment in “the way we have always done it,” and other resources constraints appear to hold you back. 

We have heard all of these and seen organizations turn these ideas upside down to conquer the opposition through their participation in Academy. 

As we turn to challenge four, consider how it may aggravate the previous challenge. But, it can also provide an opportunity for clarity if you meet it head-on and embrace it. 


Your team or organization is small or very niche and getting objective, informed perspectives on challenges and opportunities can feel elusive. 

In Intrapreneur Academy, we work with innovation activities that inspire right-brained thinking to promote creativity. We explore the unknown, exercise curiosity, and seek clarity where it feels cloudy. You get to be in a room full of like-minded professionals who are actively engaged in your challenge and seeking possible pathways with you. 

These are some of our favorite challenges – the ones that seem too tough to tame. 

In the middle of the pack, we find challenge number 3 as we count down the top 5 challenges that Intrapreneurship can help you master. Number three is about vision and road mapping. 


You and/or your team is so engaged in today’s operations that thinking about, much less planning, for the future in an innovative, creative way is consistently skimmed over or done by rote and stuck on a shelf. 

A powerful innovation roadmap and strategy can set you up to move away from working in the business to working on it. We look at this from three standpoints: futuring, disruption, and alignment to your cultural values. This approach allows you to see where you are and where you want to go with more clarity – and don’t we need that? 

Speaking of where we are, let’s move to challenge number 2…almost to the bottom (or top?!) of the list! Number two addresses the infrastructure side of the intrapreneurial journey. 


Your systems are dictating to you instead of supporting you. 

We put tools and systems in place to enable our work. Yet, we often hear that “the system” is forcing a challenge or limiting the way you work. Leveraging an intrapreneurial approach can shift that behavior and belief. We work through dimensions of culture, strategy, and methods to help you make that shift. 

Ready for it? Here is number one! And we think number one really sets you up for everything that came before. This is the backbone, the heart, and the soul…the purpose behind this intrapreneurial work. 


You aren’t okay settling for the status quo. And you want effective means to channel the ideas, actions, and influence you know will shift your work from contributing to leading the way. 

We create these capabilities through our workshops at Intrapreneur Academy. We provide you systems, structures, thought challenges, room to experiment, and a place to incubate ideas with like-minded leaders. 

And that is it! The top five challenges Intrapreneur Academy and intrapreneurship can help you overcome. If you see your work and organizational constructs in this, you would benefit from Intrapreneur Academy. And if that is the case, jump on over to this website to learn more and get yourself and (or) a team member registered! 

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