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Innovation Readiness Assessment

The full version of the Innovation Readiness Assessment is a baseline evaluation of your organization’s current innovation efforts, using NewBoCo’s Innovation Competency Framework. Twenty traits of innovative organizations have been identified and grouped into four competencies: Agile, Methods, Strategy, and Culture.

"What gets measured, gets managed."

We recommend that all our clients start with this Innovation Readiness Assessment, so we have a starting pulse and can confidently engage to help you move the needle internally where it’s needed most. For most organizations, simply intensifying current strategies will not suffice. This assessment helps identify and close the gap on both current efforts and defining what innovation means for your company.

Our Innovation team works with you to identify who should take the Innovation Readiness Assessment and how to distribute it internally. We synthesize all data as a neutral party, mining it for common themes and patterns. Then, we hold a half-day session with your stakeholders to review the results in a 12-page report. Having a clear direction, focus, and strategy are crucial to create a high-performing organization that moves quickly to seize marketplace opportunities.

Assessment Objectives

  • Collect data from multiple perspectives to establish a baseline measurement of your organization’s innovation readiness
  • Identify innovation program strengths and opportunities by competency
  • Plan to reassess using the same approach to measure year-over-year progress
  • We offer this assessment to all teams that go through Intrapreneur Academy to measure their readiness at the beginning and end of each cohort