Happy Workiversary to Jourdan McChesney!

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On May 15th, our Events Coordinator Jourdan McChesney celebrated one year with NewBoCo.

Jourdan has been an invaluable member of the NewBoCo team as we navigate the transition of our largest events to virtual environments. Jourdan’s efforts with ICR AGile, EntreFEST, 1MC Cedar Rapids, and support to various efforts and teams have proven invaluable! She makes even the toughest jobs look easy and does them with grace and style. We are so lucky to have her focus and perseverance on our team.

The NewBoCo team wanted to share a few of their favorite memories and traits to celebrate a year of Jourdan McChesney:

  • How is this possible? What a year! Jourdan is super chill, which makes her fun to be around. She knows how to GSD too, which makes her fit in at NewBoCo really well.

  • Jourdan doesn’t take any prisoners or back down. In the past six months, I have seen her take over the planning and management for both 1 Million Cups and ICRAgile, and within months of her doing so, COVID-19 brought a halt to everything … Or so we thought. Because Jourdan has expertly managed to work with the rest of the team to bring events online, and ICR Agile was a huge success last week and we’re already well on our way to a virtual version of EntreFEST. She’s a cool head who keeps things on track no matter what curveballs get thrown at her.

  • My favorite work-related memory of Jourdan is from when she attended AGILE training when I was in DeltaV and we were all shy to the newcomers. Jourdan comes off very friendly and laid-back. Pretty cool traits in a person.

  • I have a lot of fun memories working with Jourdan, even from before she was an actual co-worker. I love that her the first day of her Economic Alliance internship was helping at EntreFEST and she helped put together the swings that were a pain in the behind. Then her first days of work at NewBoCo were at EntreFEST and our astroturf melted got stuck to the NewBo Market floor. She always has a positive attitude, will problem solve and work through a situation.

  • She’s super quick and smart and creative. She’s also a great friend and a joy to be around.

  • Jourdan maintains quiet confidence and demonstrates her badassery in her actions. She is so willing to take on new challenges and figure things out – her resourcefulness is so great to work with! Plus, she always has the hook up on fun activities and cool, on-sale fashion!

  • Hanging out during the Code.org summer workshops.

  • She has fun ideas to make events more exciting!

  • Jourdan is a very family-centered gal and I love that everything on her desk has a story – from her traveling succulent plant to the framed pics of her family members.

  • She is prompt and a good listener and has provided some ideas to help our teams!

  • Corralling 1 Million Cups presenters is a huge job to do every week, and Jourdan does it with a smile. She’s on top of things, and a joy to work with.

  • Actually, the memory I have associated with Jourdan is of Jill Wilkins, whose visible stress level went wa-a-ay down soon after Jourdan came on board!

  • Jourdan can take the most neglected, disorganized projects, put them in order quickly, and make them winners again.

  • Jourdan is very easy going and always up for any task! She has been a huge asset to the events team and tackled the transition of going virtual like a champ!