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Computer science matters in schools. Here’s why.

We really can’t stress this enough: Computer science matters.

That’s certainly not a secret here in Iowa. has ranked our state 7th in the nation for providing computer science education in schools. In the past six years, the number of states that have dedicated funding to computer science programs has gone from nine to 31. Every state in the country allows computer science to count toward graduation. It’s pretty clear: Our government officials and educators know how vital computer science is to our kids.

But do you know why? Or how you can help?

We want to show you. From 5 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 6, NewBoCo is inviting parents, community members, and anyone who just wants to learn more, to join us for a Fund The Future Computer Science Night.

Taking place at 415 12th Avenue Southeast in Cedar Rapids, we’ll feature an evening of hands-on exploration of our K12 and adult education programs. Participants can dive into the world of electricity and robots; witness incredible projects crafted by students; and learn about the statewide impact we’ve had in Iowa. And we’ll show you how you can support the mission as we go forward.

Girls Who Code Club - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

But why?
When they’re in school, students need to be focusing on more than just the core subjects of reading, social studies, science, and math. They need to learn how to think critically. They need to understand how to solve problems. They need to be creative. They need to be able to collaborate with others. Computer science education addresses all of these things. It’s about far more than just technology itself.

Here are just a few examples:

Computer Science Helps Students Be Ready For The Careers of Tomorrow
Twenty years ago, social media was just getting started. A decade ago, “influencers” weren’t a thing. So with that in mind – who knows what careers our kids will pursue? According to a Dell Technology report, almost 90 percent of jobs in 2030 don’t even exist yet. Computer science helps students be ready for the jobs of tomorrow, even when we don’t know what those will be, because students learn how to change, adapt, and keep developing their skills.

It evens the playing field
Right now women earn just 18 percent of computer science degrees, while only 12 percent are black and 16 percent are Latinx. Why? In the past, those groups either haven’t had access or haven’t been encouraged to pursue computer science. Education at the K12 level can change that. According to College Board research, women are 10 times as likely to major in computer science when they are enrolled in an AP Computer Science course, and numbers increase dramatically for non-white students who take those classes as well. Black and Latinx students are seven times more likely to major in it when having enrolled in advanced high school courses.

This is why we want you to join us for Fund The Future. Your presence and support will ensure that the progress we’ve achieved over the past decade continues to positively impact future generations.

Online ticket sales close on Feb. 5, although you can still get a ticket at the door. Light appetizers will be served, courtesy of one of the members of our Kiva Iowa local business community. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to mingle, learn, and to make a huge impact on our students and their futures. Learn more here. We hope to see you there.

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