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DeltaV Code School 2017 graduates find jobs in Cedar Rapids within two months

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018, Cedar Rapids, IA – DeltaV Code School, Iowa’s premier adult code school, was announced November 2016, and graduated its first cohort October 2017. The next milestone to add: all of the graduates from DeltaV’s 401 course were employed within two months of graduating.

“It feels great to be in my first job after graduating from DeltaV. I feel well prepared for the job and United Fire Group has been a fantastic employer thus far,” DeltaV graduate and UFG Insurance Application Developer Trainee Jason Logan said. “Compared to a year ago, I make more money and am in a career I enjoy that I see a future in, simple as that.”

UFG Insurance was an early supporter of DeltaV. Following graduation, they hired two members of the graduating class.

Naomi Homrighausen, UFG Insurance Manager, Information Services Digital Team, spoke at NewBoCo Launch Day about why UFG sponsors DeltaV and why they hired two DeltaV graduates.

“United Fire Group was a proud sponsor of DeltaV Code School. We chose to sponsor this school because we felt that it had the unique ability to fulfill the need to get good software developers into the marketplace because it’s really hard to find them,” Homrighausen said at NewBoCo Launch Day. “As I watched this year’s advanced code school happen, we are very happy to see the progress of the students. They’re not just coming in wanting to code, they’re coming in wanting to make an impact and that’s phenomenal for us.”

There are more than 3,800 open computer science jobs in Iowa, but last year Iowa’s public universities only had 364 graduates in computer science.

“Iowa needs developers – there are more jobs available than bodies to fill them. The time, effort, and cost are investments for self betterment that employers will recognize,” Logan said.

Following graduation from the 20-week program, the average starting salary for DeltaV 2017 graduates was $58,333.

DeltaV’s 2017 graduates all were educated and took jobs in Cedar Rapids. The 2018 course catalog is available on the DeltaV Code School website. Registration is open now for DeltaV 101 and 102 courses being held February through May. Application for entry into the DeltaV 201 course, slated to begin in June, is now open.

The 20-week 2018 DeltaV program graduation is set for October. DeltaV is an official Department of Labor Related Technical Instruction provider for tech apprenticeships in the State of Iowa. If you are a business looking to hire technical talent and would like more information on how to sponsor DeltaV Code School or to learn more about a NewBoCo sponsored registered tech apprenticeship, please contact [/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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