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Celebrating DeltaV’s Dan Tuuri

One year ago today, NewBoCo welcomed Dan Tuuri to the team.

Turns out that was a pretty good call.

Dan came on board as an instructor for DeltaV. But pretty much right off the bat, we knew he was going to make an impact throughout the entire NewBoCo organization. Then again, how could he not? Anyone who works with Dan can see immediately that he’s an “ideas guy” — and more importantly, that he cares a great deal about making any team he’s on be as good as it can be.

Don’t just take the word of your humble narrator, though. We asked around the team to see what sort of impact Dan had made during his first year. Here are some of their responses.

“We had our All Hands meeting during my third day in the job.  Up to that point I had only met a few colleagues in person. Dan Tuuri sat down next to me, introduced himself and cracked a joke. He made me feel welcome. I truly appreciated that gesture and it made it easy to settle in with our fantastic team.”

“Dan has a passion for teaching. He strives to provide his students with support and ensure that they are challenged in their program. He’s a team player and has lots of ideas to help grow NewBoCo programs.”

“Dan is full of energy and always ready to help out, which makes him perfect for DeltaV. It’s exciting to watch the ops students grow under his guidance.”

“I met Dan while he was in his previous role, and I was thrilled when I heard he had accepted a position here at NewBoCo. As expected, he’s been a great addition to the DeltaV team and, in addition to being a great instructor and mentor to the students, has opened doors to new curriculums and offerings.”

“Tuuri fits in great here. He’s always got some crazy scheme he’s noodling on and loves to talk about ways to make a positive impact on the world. I love how he looks out for his students and helps them take advantage of the professional networking opportunities that will make the difference for them once they complete the program.”

“Dan is always willing to jump in and lend a helping had. He had such and interesting mix of knowledge and experiences that he is willing to share. We’re lucky that we get to experience his talents and watch him teach others.”

“Dan really cares about all areas of NewBoCo’s mission: entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech education. We’re lucky to have his passion and expertise on our team!”

“Dan is such a wonderful team member – always coming up with new ideas and offering valuable input across all programming. We are lucky to have a happy-go-lucky and extra dedicated guy like Dan on our NewBoCo team!”

“Dan has been great about jumping in and taking real ownership of his work in DeltaV! It has been fun to see him add ideas and extend the impact DeltaV can have.”

“Dan has really helped build our relationship with community colleges, helped us to strengthen each of our respective teams, and made a big impact on strengthening our region’s workforce development efforts.”

“Dan’s always brimming with positive energy and constantly bringing knowledgeable suggestions and thoughtful analysis to the marketing and planning Slack channels.”

“Dan has been a pleasure to work with. His first assignment was our largest DeltaV class to date, and he has continued to upload our high standards. He is also focused on continuous improvement for our Ops curriculum, to meet the needs of our local employment market. And beyond the classes he’s taught, he continues to keep his pulse on relationships with regional high schools, colleges and universities. He immediately aligned with our vision to grow Iowa’s tech workforce from K-12 through new careers for adults.”

“The amount of feedback I have received from students both about how knowledgeable Dan is on the course content, and how much he cares about the students, and their future outcomes, is nothing to shake a flash drive at.”

You can get to know Dan’s knowledge, experience, and friendly nature yourself by joining us for the upcoming DeltaV Ops 201 program, kicking off at the end of this month. Or ask him about Cybersecurity, a topic he’s very passionate about (and will be leading a class on in early 2022!) We’re so glad you’re here, Dan. Here’s to many more years to come.

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