Iowa Isn’t Ready for Economic Disruption

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Despite enormous progress, we have more work to do to face the challenges of tomorrow’s economy. We’ve accomplished a lot at NewBoCo in the last three years. But it’s not enough. We are in the midst of a transformation of our economy as big and far reaching as the transition from agricultural into the industrial age. Call it “the new economy” or ... Read More

The power of Agile in startups

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Here are some of the observations that I shared with them. (I asked Matt Rooda, their CEO, if I could share some of the observations in this post.) They got the big picture right; I did give them some constructive feedback on a variety of items, but they were mostly pretty nuanced details. Agile is fundamentally teaching entrepreneurs how to … Read More

Agile as a strategic weapon

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A few weeks ago I went to Singapore to the Scrum Alliance Global Gathering, which brought together Agile experts from around the world to talk about the future of Agile and how it’s being practiced today in Asia. As I listened to the sessions and talked with trainers, coaches, and attendees, I left with three strands that I feel are ... Read More

Iowa Startup Accelerator Updates: One Month Down, Eleven to Go!

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ISA Summer Batch Team, GOVRED Technologies in a mentor meeting.
Four weeks ago, three new teams joined the Iowa Startup Accelerator’s 2017 cohort. Today, Agro Connected, GOVRED Technologies, and Cargofy celebrate completing their first month in the ISA’s 12 month program. Between workshops and networking events with ISA, running their own businesses, and adjusting to their new offices in Vault Coworking, they've been busy! Since all three teams in the ... Read More

Updates from ISA – Meet the Summer Batch!

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It’s been a big week for the Iowa Startup Accelerator! Recently, we announced the three teams that we accepted into the summer batch of our 2017 cohort, and we started a How to Start a Startup program to help new entrepreneurs learn about the basics of entrepreneurship. We’re very excited to have Agro Connected, Cargofy, and GOVRED Technologies join ISA’s ... Read More

The state of Iowa’s innovation ecosystem: so much progress, yet so much more to do.

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Last night, the NewBoCo team attended the annual Prometheus Awards put on by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI). Having been a long-time member of the organization, and a current board member, I’ve been attending this event since the very beginning 12 years ago. Back then, it was maybe a hundred or so state leaders, technology leaders, and economic developers kind ... Read More

5 Reasons Why Education Startups Should Apply To ISA

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Two female students work on building a robot.
NewBoCo started out as just the Iowa Startup Accelerator, but we knew early on that it would take more than a startup accelerator to fulfill our mission: accelerating world-changing ideas, from Iowa. Startups need more than an accelerator to succeed, and ecosystems need more support than an accelerator alone can provide. That’s why we focused on introducing innovation into education ... Read More

Guest Blog: Entrepreneurs: Student Debt Doesn’t Need To Hold You Back

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Guest blogger: Nate Matherson It seems like we’re always hearing stories about young entrepreneurs launching startups or starting their own small businesses, but are young people really starting more businesses now than they were ten or twenty years ago? According to the Kaufmann Foundation, they’re not. In a recent report, they found that the large student loans that many millennials are ... Read More

Startup Cybersecurity Strategy

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Members of Girls With Ideas, an ISA portfolio team, look at a laptop.
Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Aaron Warner, a mentor for the Iowa Startup Accelerator and CEO and Lead Security Strategist at ProCircular, Inc. You can view the original post here.  In the world of startups, cybersecurity is often an afterthought. Not because budding entrepreneurs haven’t heard the horror stories, but it seldom ranks highly among things that ... Read More