Iowa EdTech Accelerator Launches First Accelerator Cohort

Rob MerrittCorporate Innovation, Education, Press Release, Startups

ICR IOWA — This week, the Iowa EdTech Accelerator welcomed its first cohort of educational technology companies. The Accelerator, a collaborative project led by NewBoCo, is an intensive, highly-focused 14-week program aimed at early stage (pre- or early-revenue) companies that are located in Iowa. The Accelerator program is one of the key pillars of the newly-formed Iowa EdTech Collaborative initiative. … Read More

NewBoCo Workiversary: Eric Engelmann

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NewBoCo officially opened its doors in August 2014. At that time the team was a lot smaller, but with Eric Engelmann leading the charge, it has grown to 17 people and three main areas of focus (entrepreneurship, innovation, education) over the last five years.  To mark this momentous milestone, the NewBoCo team shared some of their favorite memories of working … Read More

A new year, a new format for 1 Million Cups Cedar Rapids

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As one of the oldest 1 Million Cups chapters in the U.S., we’ve experimented with a variety of approaches to our mission of helping educate and grow Eastern Iowa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Going into 2019, the team that runs the Cedar Rapids program has some exciting new changes planned. One big change we’re making is to make it easier to access … Read More

Iowa Isn’t Ready for Economic Disruption

Eric EngelmannEcosystem, Manufacturing, Startups, Urbanism

Despite enormous progress, we have more work to do to face the challenges of tomorrow’s economy. We’ve accomplished a lot at NewBoCo in the last three years. But it’s not enough. We are in the midst of a transformation of our economy as big and far reaching as the transition from agricultural into the industrial age. Call it “the new economy” or ... Read More

The easiest way to mess up when setting up your company

Rob MerrittEcosystem, Incorporation, Startups

From the desk of the Grumpy Old Company Lawyer One of the benefits we provide to participants in the Iowa Startup Accelerator is access to working capital. We have a relationship with a separate fund that provides cash for a portion of the startup’s equity. Before the fund invests, it generally requires the startup to be duly organized as a ... Read More

Agile as a strategic weapon

Eric EngelmannAgile, Ecosystem, Startups

A few weeks ago I went to Singapore to the Scrum Alliance Global Gathering, which brought together Agile experts from around the world to talk about the future of Agile and how it’s being practiced today in Asia. As I listened to the sessions and talked with trainers, coaches, and attendees, I left with three strands that I feel are ... Read More

Iowa Startup Accelerator Updates: One Month Down, Eleven to Go!

Molly MonkIowa Startup Accelerator, Startups

ISA Summer Batch Team, GOVRED Technologies in a mentor meeting.
Four weeks ago, three new teams joined the Iowa Startup Accelerator’s 2017 cohort. Today, Agro Connected, GOVRED Technologies, and Cargofy celebrate completing their first month in the ISA’s 12 month program. Between workshops and networking events with ISA, running their own businesses, and adjusting to their new offices in Vault Coworking, they've been busy! Since all three teams in the ... Read More

Updates from ISA – Meet the Summer Batch!

Molly MonkIowa Startup Accelerator, Scrum, Startups

It’s been a big week for the Iowa Startup Accelerator! Recently, we announced the three teams that we accepted into the summer batch of our 2017 cohort, and we started a How to Start a Startup program to help new entrepreneurs learn about the basics of entrepreneurship. We’re very excited to have Agro Connected, Cargofy, and GOVRED Technologies join ISA’s ... Read More