Vault Labs

We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past few years, and one of the most challenging parts of building a business is the ability to prototype a product. Vault Labs – new in 2017 – is a fully equipped and staffed prototyping lab for building early versions of hardware, software, and virtual reality products.

Vault Labs consists of:

  • A 1,100sf Engineering Prototyping lab, equipped with several 3D printers, electronics equipment, and more.
  • A Virtual Reality Lab, equipped with workstations with Unity software, and HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, and other virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) devices.
  • Mentoring and support for entrepreneurs.
  • Training courses to use the equipment reliably and safely.
  • Educational project classes to learn advanced skills in engineering, software, and other topics.
  • Access to the Vault community, consisting of more than 100 business experts, software developers, hardware engineers, marketers, accountants, lawyers, and everyone else you’ll likely need as you build your business.
  • You also get access to desk space, offices, conference rooms, gigabit Internet access, coffee/snacks, and much more, depending on your membership level, to help you grow your business.

Who is Vault Labs for?

Vault Labs is not a maker space for hobbyists or home projects. It is designed to be used by entrepreneurs, inventors, and their teams to build new product ideas. You don’t have to have your business up and running, nor do you have to be an expert. But you do have to intend to commercialize your work someday.

To use the Labs, you must be a Vault member in good standing.

What kind of equipment do you have, and what does it do?

We’re part of a network of prototyping labs around Iowa, so if we can’t build it here, we know who can!

Our facility is focused on early stage hardware prototypes – additive printing of plastic, electronics like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, cellular and radio technology, etc. We also have a team that does software development. If there’s something you need that’s not listed here, let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

VR Lab Equipment

Type Model Primary Use
Headset Microsoft HoloLens Experiencing Augmented Reality environments
Headset HTC Vive Experiencing fully immersive VR worlds
Location-aware, spatial mapping tablet Google Project Tango Developing and interacting with VR applications
Workstation 2x custom-built Windows workstations with GTX 1070 Inexpensive holder for phone-based VR
Viewer Vigica Viewer Inexpensive holder for phone-based VR
Viewer Google Cardboard Inexpensive holder for phone-based VR

Prototyping Lab Equipment

Type Model Primary Use
3D Printer Lulzbot Taz 6 (2x) Rapidly prototyping engineered parts, for example, plastic casing for a hardware device
3D Printer FlashForge Creator Rough prototyping of engineered parts
3D Printer Hictop Prusa Rough prototyping of engineered parts
Laser Cutter Full Spectrum Laser H-Series 20×12. Cutting and engraving various materials
3D Scanner Matter and Form MFS1V1 Digitally importing handmade prototypes; rescaling existing parts
Power Supply BK Precision 9110 Powering your hardware prototypes (multi-range 100 W within 60V / 5A)
Power Supply BK Precision 1692 Powering your hardware prototypes (variable output 3V to 15V at 40A)
Oscilloscope OWON DS8204 Measure frequency, noise, amplitude of an electrical signal; troubleshooting
Signal Generator FeelTech FY3200S Generating different waveforms for electronic circuits
Pick & Place CirQoid PCB Router Automatically routing printed circuit boards (PCBs); picking and placing discrete components on the PCBs.
Soldering Iron 3x AOYUE Int 968A+ Primarily thru-hole soldering of discrete components in PCBs
Solder Pot SMTmax ML-52T5 For soldering many thru-hole components on one PCB at a time
IC Heater/Reflow Oven Puhui T-962A For soldering many surface mount components on one PCB at a time, or rework
5-axis CNC machine TBD – COMING SOON Subtractive manufacturing: carving shapes from a variety of materials: plastics, metals, etc.

How much does it cost?

If you need hands-on engineering or software development help to build your product, our staff time is available on an hourly basis.

$58/hour for Iowa Startup Accelerator portfolio companies.
$87/hour for Vault Labs and Vault members in good standing.
$116/hour for everyone else.


How do I learn more, or get started?

To learn more, signup for our public tours and find out how we can help grow your business.

For more information about Vault memberships, pricing, or to schedule a tour, fill out the form below.