Health care organizations are using 20 times the amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) than they usually do as the crisis continues with the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The supply chain for our health care professionals can’t keep up.

That’s where we are helping: By creating face shields using 3D printer technology.


Are you an Iowa-based healthcare organization that has an urgent need for face shields?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you have a 3D printer? We need volunteers like you to help us make as many of our Hybrid CRIA2020 v1.2 shield as fast as possible.

Download the files from Dropbox and learn how to make them.

Then drop them off at the Geonetric Building (415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids) or request a pickup at


There’s an entire army of volunteers working on this project. Our Facebook group is where you’ll find them. It’s also where you’ll find more details, updates and announcements.

The big picture:

Healthcare organizations are using some 20x times the amount of protective equipment they usually do. The supply chain can’t keep up.

We can help them solve part of this problem on a temporary basis.

First, we are making face shields. They are cost-effective to manufacture, and they are critically needed for the safety of clinicians, staff and patients. We have four versions we are working on, with one as the primary for 3D printers, and another that’s able to be made without any 3D printers at all.  NOTE: NONE OF THESE ARE OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED IN ANY FASHION. THEY ARE FOR TEMPORARY USE WHEN APPROVED VERSIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. IF YOU USE THESE FILES, YOU’RE AGREEING TO OUR DISCLAIMER (read it here). You can find info on our face shields and how to make them here.

Check out a short video of our project below:

UPDATE 3/24 17:00:

Delivered six shields of three variants to a healthcare organization for feedback.

Video of that here:

UPDATE 3/24 15:00:

delivered two Budmen prototypes to a clinician.

UPDATE 3/24 11:30:

We are delivering the first prototypes of four variants to healthcare providers today for feedback.

We are continuing to produce the budmen version slowly for now. 3D printing crew: if you want to keep making them, make this one for now and bring to the drop points. As soon as we get consistent feedback from healthcare providers we will give you updates on which to make if it changes. HOWEVER: do not feel like you need to make these urgently right now, if you have other things to attend to with your family, etc.

One aspect that is important but not clearly stated: if things go badly in this battle against COVID-19, we might be called upon to make any number of things, in addition to these face shields.

This group’s ability to communicate quickly is going to be important in being able to respond to those needs quickly.

We have setup a catch-all email to coordinate communication with me and the team here: — and will be setting up a simple webpage too shortly to help with communication.

Thank you all for stepping up and helping! ❤️

UPDATE 3/23 20:23:

We are rapidly printing our first batches of prototypes, using about 40 3D printers all over Iowa. We have gobs of supplies you all have contributed – certainly enough for the next few days. If you have additional materials from the list below at home, we’ll still take them. We are probably good on financial contributions for now.

3D printing peeps: print the STL files in here. But watch this post for changes if we decide to move to a different format.

Note that all of this happened in about 24 hours!

The goal right now is to get a few fully-finished versions in the field by the end of this week, and perhaps as early as tomorrow, to get customer feedback. Thank you, everyone, for your help. We probably can’t thank each of you individually, but we love you all for your help and support.


We have a group in the ICR community working to build hundreds (and perhaps eventually thousands) of face shields for patients and, in some cases, clinicians. We are making simple interim versions until a much larger order of better quality ones arrive in a few weeks (the U of I and others are working on a massive order but it will take a while to get here).

We will deliver these interim units to hospitals and other providers in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City when completed.


We may need funds to offset some of the cost of materials. You can send small contributions to me via the links below on PayPal or Venmo, or to find a different way to get it to me, email All funds will go toward this project, or will be returned to you if they aren’t used. Right now I’m looking for maybe a total of $500 total for our first few hundred units.

Donation links:
Venmo: @Eric-Engelmann

Thanks for your help as we try to make a small difference.