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The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative’s staff is made up of world-class entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, startup community champions, educators, and builders. We’re an organization that creates a variety of initiatives: accelerators, coworking spaces, educational programs, and much, much more. This team is well-equipped to do it, too: we’ve built our companies from scratch and won national and international acclaim for rapid growth and corporate culture. We’ve traveled the world to study (and help create) the very best startup communities, innovation methods, and educational models.

David Tominsky
Chief Relationship Officer
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Kaitlin Byers
Director of Development
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Jessica Bertling
UI/UX Developer
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Keith Dahlby
Software Architect
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Molly Monk
Assistant Director of Development
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John Foster
Vault Community Manager
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Jill Wilkins
Chief Operating Officer
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Samantha Dahlby
Director of K-12 Education
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Nate Adams
Software Architect/Agile Coach
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Aaron Horn
Executive Director
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Craig Barkley
DeltaV Software Developer Instructor
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Jourdan McChesney
Events Coordinator
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Rob Merritt
Director of Communication
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Robbie Nesmith
Software Developer
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Jennifer Murphy
Director of Innovation Services
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Alison Mohr
Assistant K-12 Education Director
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Andy Fiedler
DeltaV Admissions Officer / K-12 Education Administrator
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Alex Taylor
Accelerator Managing Director
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Matthew Barnhart
Marketing Specialist
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Jenn Joyce
Marketing Specialist
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Dan Tuuri
DeltaV Ops Instructor
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Stacey Teltser
DeltaV Teaching Assistant
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Our Board

NewBoCo, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has a board comprised of some of the state’s best-known entrepreneurs, builders, and community firestarters.

Mike Anderson

Senior Director, Central Engineering Services, Mission Systems, Collins Aerospace

Cedar Rapids, IA

Mike on LinkedIn
Joy Briscoe
Talent Acquisition and Outreach Specialist, Waterloo Schools & Career Center
Waterloo, IA
Joy on LinkedIn
Erica Cole

Founder, No Limbits

Iowa City, IA

Stacy on LinkedIn
Bill Daly

Board Vice Chair

Attorney, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll

Cedar Rapids, IA

Bill on LinkedIn
Ben Dillon

Board Treasurer

Founder, Iowa Startup Accelerator; Chief Strategy Office and Partner, Geonetric

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Eric Engelmann

Board Chair

Founder of Geonetric, General Partner at ISA Ventures

Cedar Rapids, IA

Email EricFollow Eric on TwitterEric on LinkedIn
Samantha Hofer

Principal Engineering Manager, Collins Aerospace

Cedar Rapids, IA

Samantha on LinkedIn
Wendy Nielsen

First Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

Cedar Rapids, IA

Wendy on LinkedIn
Geoff Wood

Board Secretary

Founder, Gravitate

Des Moines, IA

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Stacy Van Gorp

Cofounder, See What I Mean

Cedar Falls, IA

Stacy on LinkedIn