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NewBoCo Workiversary: Keith Dahlby

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]On April 11, our Software Architect & DeltaV Code School Instructor Keith Dahlby celebrated one year with NewBoCo.

Dahlby joined the nonprofit on April 11, 2016. Over the last year, he has completed contract work through NewBoCo’s dev team “NewBoCode”, served as our Slack Cop, architected the structure of internal and external systems, and taught future developers how to code with DeltaV.

When Keith joined the team, there were eight staff members. Now, NewBoCo is a team of 18. Coworkers shared their favorite memories and traits to celebrate a year of Keith Dahlby.

1. I really liked the first time that I experienced Keith’s leadership style when he led a retro (scrum ceremony). He is a thoughtful and inclusive human.

2. Keith’s affinities for Pepsi (made with real sugar), buffalo chicken, and GitHub are unrivaled.

3. He doesn’t hesitate to bring a different perspective and challenge the status quo in order to find the best solution.

4. Dahlby Family Nerf Gun fights are fun for all.

5. Keith is very patient and it really comes in handy when he is helping people learn computer skills.

6. Watching Keith debate the ethics of self driving cars and their future implementation with a car expert was fascinating and informative. I’d vote for either Dahlby for Mayor.

7. Keith is super talented, but he’s always ready to be a goof ball and bring humor to just about anything.

8. Keith has been very welcoming and nice since I’ve started.

9. I feel really lucky to work with Keith. He’s been a very impactful mentor for me. I really appreciate that he’s always ready to listen and grab a pizza with me.

10. My favorite memory of Keith is nerding out at lunch over the statistics of games like Hangman and Scrabble.

11. Keith likes popcorn, hugs, and grammar. Not necessarily in that order. I want to use my baddest grammar right now just to make him mad. He is the lesser of all the Dahlbys, but we love him.

12. Apparently he can dance (that’s how he and his wife, Samantha met), which helped with Frank’s birthday staff show choir performance.

13. He loves to explore new tech and try new tech, and he’s always providing tech knowledge to people, including entrepreneurs, our partners, and Vault members. Even before he started at NewBoCo, he was a mentor for our Iowa Startup Accelerator program.

14. Keith is the best because he’s always pushing me to learn more and do more and step out of my comfort zone.

15. Do you have a question about anything and everything? Keith will have the answer! Not only is Keith a super smart guy, he’s also a fabulous dad and thoughtful friend. We pretty much adore the entire Dahlby family and look forward to hiring Felicity and Tabitha next.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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