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NewBoCo Workiversary: David Becker

On October 22, our Software Developer Instructor David Becker celebrated one year with NewBoCo. 

Before David joined the team, he learned how to code at DeltaV Code School. Since he started at NewBoCo as Software Developer Instructor, he has gotten experience working with NewBoCode clients, being on a software development team, and taught the next class of DeltaV students as an instructor. 

The NewBoCo team wanted to share a few of their favorite memories and traits to celebrate a year of David Becker.

  1. My favorite memory of David Becker would have to be watching him introduce a DeltaV Code 201 class during project presentations. It was so cool to see him fully transform from a student to an instructor.
  2. He is my patronus when I see him zooming around on that e-scooter. Plus, I love that he was an Iowa BIG student, DeltaV student, and now works at NewBoCo. What a great story of our community.
  3. I enjoyed seeing David helping students in one of our past summer camps. He could relate well to them.
  4. I met David as a TA and he was my tutor for 301 and 401. When Keith asked me what I thought about bringing David on board, especially with him being young and having less experience in a professional workplace, I responded that I have done a lot of stuff David has yet to do and that at his young age I still have a lot to learn from him.
  5. What I find most interesting about David is his innate knowledge over object oriented programming. He can go from one language to another and implement code like he has always been coding in that language or IDE. His fearlessness over the code is inspirational, and when he finds what truly motivates him, he will create interesting and functional software that people will value.
  6. His one trait that makes me want to work with him is his ability to stay calm when people around him are getting very high energy – he is a stabilizing force.
  7. It made me laugh when David went down to tell the DV students to “straighten up” – he was so proud of himself when he came back up! It was good to see him step into an advisor role and have it feel good to him.
  8. As he grows and continues to build heuristics on coding and life, he will be better able to be more fearful in the physical realm and stop walking in front of cars and getting run over. Back story: While I was in DeltaV as a student, David walked in front of a van, got hit, and was out for a few days.
  9. I’ve enjoyed watching David dive into obscure technical challenges to figure out the issue. He has also really stepped up and helped us grow DeltaV Code School.
  10. I’ve liked seeing him grow over the last few years and realize some of his potential. I’m looking forward to what the next few years bring for him!
  11. He works to grow his skills.
  12. I’ll always remember walking around Target together for more than an hour and discussing the opportunity for him working at DeltaV.
  13. He has an apparent inability to sit upright in a chair during lecture/lab time, which is comical.
  14. David’s excellent at working the classroom during lab time and coaxing questions out of students who say they’re “fine” when they’re not.
  15. David has always been willing to take on tough assignments, whether teaching or coding.
  16. David was one of our first DeltaV students, one of our first apprentices, and has taken on a role as a DeltaV instructor and is a smart developer. Watching him go from student to developer has been really fun!
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