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Kravve Gourmet Popcorn and More

Waterloo, Iowa

Matching Partner: Community Bank and Trust

I was a stylist for 25 years, and later in my career, I decided to dive into new territory. Hair styling wasn’t offering me the income that I needed, and I wanted to find ways to train teenagers; helping them become prepared for the working world. I knew this dream could become a reality if I owned my own business. That’s when Kravve was birthed, and now the sky is the limit. I am a mother, a wife, and a grandmother that loves to make people happy, especially through food.

Business Description

As a child, I remember driving to the state fair and being able to smell kettle corn from miles away. The rush that I would feel from seeing the colorful tents, rotating carousels, balloons, games, and stuffed animals was unlike anything else. But what really brought a smile to everyone’s faces was the food. The POPCORN, taffy, donuts, cotton candy, and a multitude of other sugary treats; create a euphoric scent that can only be provided at these events. Now, years later, as a mother and grandmother, I get to enjoy these comfort foods annually. But who wants to wait for summer to enjoy the foods you love most? NOBODY. So, with the support of the family and local community, we created Kravve. Kravve is a gourmet popcorn shop offering classic, cool, and crazy foods and flavors that allow you to relive your childhood memories while creating new ones for your children.

At Kravve, our logo featured the ‘Kravve Kids.’ These kids represent ALL people from different walks of life, varying backgrounds, and mixed abilities. Some of the Kravve Kids include Leah, representing a multiracial child; Evan, a child with down syndrome representing kids with intellectual disabilities; Blas, representing the Hispanic and Latino community; Drew who is representing children with physical disabilities; and Zy symbolizes African-American children. Last but not least, the sucker that one of the kids is holding represents the LGBTQ+ community. The logo was created to illustrate these Kravve Kids looking out the window. The idea is, when kids and parents are rolling up to our store, they can see the logo of other kids peeking at them through the window. We want all children and who visit our store to think, “wow, that kid looks like me, and that means we are welcome here!” I believe it’s very important to make everyone feel included, welcomed, and treated with respect and royalty.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

This loan will allow me to purchase a mobile unit and equipment to go into it. After testing out our product at different events, we realize this can be a huge money maker for our business. This level of expansion will allow us to be on the go – visiting senior care centers, businesses, local sporting events, farmer’s markets, and more. We will go wherever our wheels may take us!