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weDream Technical Solutions

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Matching Partner: Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust

Hi, my name is Darryl with WeDream Technical Solutions, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’m an Information Technology Technician who grew up in an urban community on the Southside of Chicago. I became captivated by technology, design, and sports at an early age. They didn’t have many STEM programs in my community, but the things I was taught in school led me to my graphic designing degree; which I received from from Alabama A&M University. When I graduated, there weren’t many jobs available in my field of work, so I decided to start my own business with only a camera and a laptop.

My services consist of Technical Support, Phone Repair, and access to The Cyber Cafe (which I’m currently building). My business provides services to all ages, and I am proud of my business and the growth and impact we have had on our community. I am also proud of the flexible and family-centered atmosphere we’ve created that radiates throughout each business day.

Business Description

My business provides Technical Support, Phone Repair and access to a Cyber Cafe and Gaming Center that I’m currently building out. We are located inside of The NewBo City Market, a local incubator space for new and growing businesses. I decided to start this business 10 years ago from home while working a full time job, remotely. It has always been my desire to open up a business to share my knowledge and experience with others.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I’m applying for this loan to aid in the expansion of my business. The loan would be used for the buildout and equipment purchases associated with The Cyber Cafe. Some of the equipment includes new computers, a VR headset, and updated gaming equipment. The rest of the funds will be used to cover rent for an extended booth (cafe space) and payroll costs for my growing team.