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Coworking for Nonprofits

Coworking is a working environment that is designed to promote collaboration and community. You’ll find these shared workspaces all over the world. Entrepreneurs, creative professionals, independent consultants, freelancers, nonprofit leaders, and business owners who may have once worked from home are now discovering the benefits of coworking spaces designed to foster collaboration.

Organizations of all sizes see coworking spaces as community hubs of entrepreneurship and innovation beyond simply providing physical spaces for people to work and meet. These spaces typically become the first choice location for small group meetups, off-site retreats, and events.

Vault membership amenities include:
• Office space
• Coffee and soda
• Desks, chairs, and comfortable seating
• Conference rooms
• Printers
• High speed Internet

The true value of a good working space is the community itself. You probably have dozens of smart, driven people around who have different skills than you and that network becomes instantly valuable. Expect community events in these spaces as well.

Nonprofit Prices: Shared desk = $100/month, Dedicated desks = $200/month
Contact John Foster to tour the space and to join the community.

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If you’re interested in taking the next step with nonprofit coworking, reach out to us for a 1-on-1 conversation and tour.

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Phone: 319-382-5128

Our Team

John Foster, Vault Community Manager

John has been a member of Vault since 2013. He co-founded 512 Creative,his graphic design company, out of Vault and has had a great experience working with members and helping connect others. For 20 years, he has used his creativity as an artist to provide solutions to challenges for clients in Eastern Iowa. Whether it’s organizing an event to bring members together, or troubleshooting a problem to ensure the ecosystem is operating at full potential, John is the one everyone in Vault knows to look for to get things done. John especially enjoys our weekly Whiskey Friday celebrations.