Agile Facilitation & Coaching for Nonprofits

Agile for Nonprofits

Agile is a way of thinking about how we do work and enables people to work collaboratively to solve complex and adaptive problems. In other words, Agile addresses the types of problems many organizations struggle with solving today. It can become the foundation of an organizational culture and a strategic differentiator when fully implemented. We’ve developed a series of standardized and custom offerings to help you adopt Agile at your own pace and to fit a variety of business strategies.

At NewBoCo, our team has transformed entire companies – across all disciplines – into Agile companies. This transformation is perhaps the most aggressive in the state of Iowa and has been featured in international publications. We regularly give tours to interested parties from around the world. By helping companies introduce Agile methodologies, we have transformed company cultures, roles, brands and market positions.

But we don’t just teach Agile, we’ve built our own organization from the ground up using it. Our rapidly growing teams have leveraged Agile’s flexibility and quick adaptation to market needs to successfully introduce dozens of new products and services in Eastern Iowa in the past two years. 

We have deeply integrated innovation strategy into Agile adoption, allowing teams to actually realize the benefits Agile methodologies promise: consistent high quality product delivery, quickly, in rapidly changing environments. In short, we’ve successfully turned Agile into a competitive advantage.

While it’s most commonly used in software development, we’ve used Agile as a competitive weapon in hardware, HR, marketing, sales and numerous other non-technical teams as well.

And uniquely, our team is focused on real, on the ground implementations of Agile, and the many challenges that companies face in adopting it. We do initial training but our team – probably the most experienced Agile team in Iowa – can and will guide you through the long term integration of Agile into organizational strategy.

Our Agile Services for Nonprofits

We’ve developed a series of standardized and custom offerings to help you adopt Agile at your own pace and to fit a variety of business strategies.

Introduction to Agile

The best place to start is to focus on the why of Agile: our day-long Introduction to Agile course teaches organization leaders and their teams how (and why) to: work in small iterations, make work visible for the entire team, maximize team learning, prioritize work effectively, collaborate on work across disciplines or departments, align work with organizational objectives and develop new strategies for the organization enabled by new ways of working.

It is strongly recommended that the CEO or organization leader and their core team members attend to learn together. At the end of the day, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make the decision to begin adopting Agile in your organization and gain buy-in for such an endeavor from leaders and team members.

Nonprofit Price: $199

Introduction to Agile

Agile Bootcamp

Our multi-day bootcamps are designed for teams that already understand why they should adopt Agile methods and now want to know how. Key topics addressed are: Sprint planning, building and maintaining backlogs, prioritization and sizing of work, estimation and measurement of team velocity, work visualization, and retrospectives.

We recommend the entire team that will adopt Agile attend – including the leadership team wherever possible.

Nonprofit Price: $399

Agile Bootcamp

Proposed Customized Agile Coaching

Change is always difficult, and Agile represents a fundamentally different mindset for most organizations. To transition to new ways of thinking and working, coaching is critical for both operational and leadership teams. Strong coaching allows teams to feel safe in experimenting and learning in small steps. For leaders, coaching provides a way to have candid conversations about organizational culture, leadership techniques, communication skills and patterns, and more.

Coaching will be made available for up to five selected nonprofits whose leadership teams:
• Complete the Intro to Agile course and determine they want to adopt Agile in their organizations
• Have organizational support from the board level
• Have the ability and willingness to adopt aggressive cultural change

Coaching will be heavily subsidized for one year and consists of:
• Access to a limited number of seats in all of our Agile classes and workshops at no additional cost
• On-site coaching and observation weekly within operational teams and/or leadership teams
• 1:1 executive coaching on organizational culture and team building
• Occasional deep-dive immersion with the team for a couple of days to improve performance, deal with and diagnose a particular challenge or situation, or coach on a new, complex project

Get Started

If you’re interested in taking the next step with Agile, reach out to us for a private conversation about how we – and our worldwide network of experts – can help.

Email: Nate Adams:

Phone: 319-382-5128

Our Team

Nate Adams, Agile Coach

Nate has worked professionally in the IT industry for nearly 20 years developing software and mentoring and leading teams in a wide range of environments from small companies with dozens of employees to large global enterprises.  As a full-stack software developer, Nate has written code and developed architecture from the UI through the middleware and to the back-end. Nate brings this range of experiences with him to NewBoCo.

As an agile enthusiast and coach, Nate has developed and coached agile teams in many industries using a broad array of practices and methodologies.  Nate has taught the Intro to Agile course at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business as well as several Agile workshops in support of an Agile certificate through Kirkwood Community College. Nate has also given many technical talks for user groups in the Midwest on a broad range of topics.

Nate is especially passionate about helping teams continuously improve how they do work.  To this end, Nate acts as an advocate for team members; striving to make their work less stressful by pushing for a sustainable pace and establishing processes and methodologies that emphasize quality.

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Eric Engelmann, CSPO, CSM

Eric has been an eager adopter of Agile since 2008. First introducing the principles to the software team at his company, Geonetric, he expanded it fully across the company in 2013 – including HR, marketing and sales teams. This change built upon the self-organizing nature of Agile teams, and eventually resulted in having no traditional management at all. The company’s 80+ employees have developed tools and methods to work both autonomously and together, resulting in a strong culture that drives continued rapid growth, higher net income, very high client satisfaction rates, and strong employee retention.

After leaving Geonetric, Eric founded NewBoCo, with the intent to accelerate world-changing ideas, from Iowa. The nonprofit has built a local practice focused on adopting Agile in Iowa, but also has a strong network of the best Agile thought leaders in the world.

Eric is a Board Member at Scrum Alliance, the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community.

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