Culture Workshops

Available Culture Workshops

Building a Culture of Innovation

Your organization possesses underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment that creates the culture of your organization. Organizational culture drives and is driven by the people, strategy and decisions made daily. In this session, we explore the dynamics that build culture and how to influence them through tools, decisions, and actions.

Learning objectives include:

•Identify internal communication cues and use them to make or influence decisions
•Understand the current state of your culture and how to make and communicate the shifts you want to make
•Understand where culture is created and how to influence
•Understand how to engage the dynamics of power and identify which types and where they drive culture in your organization
•Employ cultural diagnostic tools to aid the development of your organization

Collective Intelligence Tools: Innovative Behaviors and Mindset

It’s easy to talk about innovation, but harder to model innovative behaviors. Establishing the right behaviors, language and mentality across your teams will help increase accountability and trust across your organization. These tools work on softer skills and require a commitment to personal mastery and reflection from everyone.

Learning objectives include:

  • Develop a broader understanding of innovative thinking, behaviors, and language
  • Apply innovative tools in your everyday thinking
  • Learn and practice collective intelligence tools that can be taken back to strengthen your teams
  • Understand what makes good ideas succeed

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