Intrapreneur Academy Curriculum

We are excited that 10 organizations from across the state have sent teams through our first two cohorts. Each quarter, the cohort will focus on one of our four key components of high performance, innovative organizations: Agile, Methods, Culture, and Strategy.


Introduction to Innovation Tools and Methods: Putting Ideas Into Action

Innovation is about more than just coming up with ideas and inventing new products. Most organizations don’t have an ideation problem, they have an execution problem. Innovation is about creating a discipline in your organization that is adaptive, responsive, and sustainable.

Learning objectives:

  • Review and Discuss Stage-Gate Innovation Processes
  • Applying Screening Criteria - how do you prioritize your ideas?
  • Design Thinking Overview where we will create an empathy mapping
  • Participate in a 6 Thinking Hats structure brainstorm
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Customer Discovery - Testing & Validating Assumptions

Innovation Games® Workshop


The Flame: A Leadership Model to Diagnose and Design a Culture of Innovation

MediRevv Tour and Lunch & Learn
Location: MediRevv, 2600 University Parkway, Coralville, IA 52241

Collective Intelligence Tools: Innovative Behaviors and Mindset

NewBoCo Annual Meeting


The Case for Innovation

Killing/Disrupting your Company

Moving from Tactician to Strategist - Webinar

Innovation Roadmapping


Intrapreneur Academy Kickoff

Welcome to Intrapreneurship Academy! Getting to know the others in Intrapreneur Academy, sharing best practices and experiences and being a resource for others is a big reason why we are sending you through as a cohort.

This kickoff event will be a jam packed day where you’ll:

  • Learn what you can expect/look forward to for the next year
  • Give a business presentation about your team (assignment coming soon!)
  • Network over lunch with cohort teams & participants
  • Get your assessment results to review and discuss with your team
  • Set goals for yourself and team to maximize your Intrapreneur Academy experience
  • Experience Whiskey Friday and meet the rest of the NewBoCo crew

Intro to the Agile Mindset

Agile work practices are taking organizations dealing with and within the modern world by storm. While many of these are simple to understand from a theoretical perspective, getting traction and adoption can be challenging. The best place to start is to focus on the why of Agile.

Learning objectives:

  • Minimize risk by working in small iterations
  • Maximize value by delivering often
  • Make work visible for the entire team
  • Prioritize work effectively


Embracing Change

Heraclitus: “Change is the only constant in life.” While this saying was true when Heraclitus wrote it nearly 2,500 years ago, organizations operating in modern times feel the constant pressure of change even more acutely. While technology originally promised easier work and increased leisure time, the reality is that we are now simply expected to provide work faster while managing constantly changing technology and customer expectations.

Learning objectives:

  • Planning for change in our work
  • Embracing change as a natural part of our work and not an exceptional event
  • Communicating the effects of changes to stakeholders

What Our Customers Need and Want

The adage that the customer is always right has some flaws, but there is no question that our customers are the reason why we do the work we do. The need to understand what it is that our customers want from us and the best way for us to provide that to them has created an entire new category of jobs over the last several decades. Even with trained project managers, product managers, business analysts and the like, delivering what our customers want in a way that keeps them happy remains a challenge for many organizations.

Learning objectives:

  • How we know what our customers actually want
  • How we can ensure that what we’re making meets our customers’ expectations
  • How do we work with our customers to prioritize our work