Intrapreneur Academy

While NewBoCo is known for entrepreneurship, we’d like to introduce you to a different type of idea creator: an Intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs embody an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit while working inside an established company to drive meaningful change.

Intrapreneur Academy trains emerging leaders on innovation practices, methods, and strategies supporting faster company growth. This year-long academy for cross-functional teams includes trainings, events, tours, and guest speakers through themed quarterly opportunities. We are excited that 14 local organizations have sent teams through our first three cohorts.

If you’d like to learn more, or discuss how academy can help infuse innovation in your organization and accomplish your objectives for the coming year, please email us or complete the form below. We have cohorts starting every quarter.


Each quarter focuses on a different innovation competency: Agile, Methods, Culture, and Strategy.

I want to be a local leader and support my organization’s intrapreneurs:


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