Innovation Roadmap

Articulate a 3-year roadmap integrating proposed innovation efforts for your organization to align with your strategy.

Our team works with you to develop a plan for:

  • Articulating the overall organizational objective for innovation: why it matters, and how it aligns to existing strategic imperatives
  • Prioritizing specific innovation experiments to get quick wins and build the internal case for innovation
  • Determining how to support innovation in the existing team structures, departments, and culture
  • Addressing cultural impediments (e.g. fear of change, no time for innovation, management support)
  • Addressing incentive impediments (e.g. compensation models that don’t calculate risk)
  • Creating and articulating a vision of innovation:
    • within the leadership team
    • within the organization as a whole
    • externally, as part of the organizational brand
    • to and with your board
  • Creating Intrapreneurs at all levels within your organization
  • Implementing programs, events, and facilitation models that support the overarching plan and objectives