Innovation Consulting

With a roadmap in place, our innovation team can work directly with you to implement the plan for your organization. This consulting can be on an as-needed or hourly basis, but more often is a blend of workshops and programs with specific consultations on issues and opportunities. Keep our team in your back pocket as things arise. We have the experience to facilitate and navigate strategic conversations and tough situations to keep teams on track and moving forward.

Examples of customized consulting include:

  • Coaching the core: people, culture, and leadership
  • Addressing trust & transparency
  • Strategic meeting facilitation
  • Adapting to and implementing emerging technologies (e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality)
  • Killing/disrupting your company
  • Rapidly incorporating customer feedback into product development cycles
  • Agile coaching and consulting
  • Software coaching (e.g. test-driven development, continuous integration)
  • Designing a high-performance culture

Doing innovation well requires cross-disciplinary expertise. NewBoCo has built its in-house team with incredibly diverse backgrounds, designed to support innovation efforts from a number of perspectives:

  • business and strategy
  • organizational culture and mindset
  • leadership and team dynamics
  • technology (software and hardware engineering)
  • creative and design
  • new product development
  • marketing strategies
Jessica Bertling
User Experience Designer/Developer
Jessica on LinkedIn
Keith Dahlby
Software Architect
Keith on LinkedIn
Aaron Horn
Chief Operating Officer
Aaron on LinkedIn
Nate Adams
Agile Coach / Software Architect
Nate on LinkedIn
Eric Engelmann
Executive Director
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We also have access to a wide array of national and international experts through our mentor network and more that can augment any expertise gaps.