3-Day Innovation Experience

Identify emergent business opportunities, rapidly assess their viability, and select one or more to work on for the experience. This is fully facilitated by our staff, either in our innovative workspace or another offsite location that energizes your team. The 3-day Innovation Experiences are used to identify critical business pain points and untapped opportunities, then quickly vet those ideas quantitatively and qualitatively using Customer Discovery methods. Teams will also attempt to quantify the value and the cost of the proposed solution using available data.

Typical Schedule

Day 1
  • Event Kickoff: Pitch Fire & Teams Form
  • Work Time (Customer Discovery, Problem Identification, & Solutions Research)
Day 2
  • Teams regroup
  • Work Time (Customer Discovery Interviews and Problem Identification)
  • Mentor Matching
  • Workshop: Presentations
Day 3
  • Work Time (Presentation Prep)
  • Pitch Practice
  • Final Presentations


The result of your Innovation Experience will be:

  • Your team is immersed in a hands-on, multi-day event learning how to test, validate, and iterate quickly
  • 25+ people attend, 15+ ideas pitched, 7+ teams formed, 1-2 ideas prioritized to move forward, potentially in our Innovation Accelerator
  • Receive validation directly from potential customers through qualitative research using startup techniques
  • Your empowered employees are able to flex their creative muscles and try new things, resulting in higher employee retention and satisfaction