Agile Facilitation & Coaching

Pioneering aggressive Agile in Iowa and worldwide

At NewBoCo, our team has transformed entire companies – across all disciplines – into Agile companies. This transformation is perhaps the most aggressive in the state of Iowa and has been featured in international publications. We regularly give tours to interested parties from around the world. By helping companies introduce Agile methodologies, we have transformed company cultures, roles, brands and market positions.

But we don’t just teach Agile, we’ve built our own organization from the ground up using it. Our rapidly growing teams have leveraged Agile’s flexibility and quick adaptation to market needs to successfully introduce dozens of new products and services in Eastern Iowa in the past two years. 

We have deeply integrated innovation strategy into Agile adoption, allowing teams to actually realize the benefits Agile methodologies promise: consistent high quality product delivery, quickly, in rapidly changing environments. In short, we’ve successfully turned Agile into a competitive advantage.

While it’s most commonly used in software development, we’ve used Agile as a competitive weapon in hardware, HR, marketing, sales and numerous other non-technical teams as well.

And uniquely, our team is focused on real, on the ground implementations of Agile, and the many challenges that companies face in adopting it. We do initial training but our team – probably the most experienced Agile team in Iowa – can and will guide you through the long term integration of Agile into organizational strategy.

Our Agile Services

We’ve developed a series of standardized and custom offerings to help you adopt Agile at your own pace and to fit a variety of business strategies.

  • 1-day Introduction to the Agile Mindset course focused on why agile makes sense for modern business
  • 2-day Agile & Scrum bootcamp focused on how to be agile in your business
  • Certification training: Certified Scrum Master (CSM) , Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) , Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), Certified Agile Leader (CAL)
  • Custom Agile coaching & training

Agile in software development teams

We’ve deeply intertwined technical practices into our Agile coaching to leverage iterative work toward high quality delivery to end customers. Your software developers have confidence in the product and their ability to quickly modify and improve code at any time, from anywhere. Your customers gain from more rapid delivery of your products to solve their problems. The way you develop software becomes a strategic, competitive weapon. 

Blending Agile coaching with technical training can include:

  • Behavior-driven development and Test-driven development
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment

Agile in hardware & engineering

With the dawning of additive manufacturing, iteration using Agile methods is essentially a strategic weapon in manufacturing and engineering, allowing companies to respond to marketplace change more quickly. Saab is building its Gripen strike fighter aircraft using these methods (PDF) – with more than 1000 engineers on more than 100 teams – and is seeing higher quality, more responsiveness, and lower costs as a result.

Startups in our programs use Agile as part of their iterative product development, specifically to take on slower, less agile incumbents in the marketplace. We’re taking these same tools and applying them at scale in larger organizations across the state of Iowa.

Agile marketing & sales

“In the past decade, what marketers do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition. With the possible exception of information technology, we can’t think of another discipline that has evolved so quickly.”

Harvard Business Review, July 2014

The days when you knew that only half of your marketing was effective, you just didn’t know which half, are over. Sales and marketing teams are awash in data, technology and automation that make it more science than art, but the way these teams work hasn’t adapted. Agile marketing and sales teams systematically and quickly make decisions that generate results, by collaboratively working in small iterations and learning rapidly from each one. Those decisions are made using data that measures every aspect of a marketing or sales campaign, aligning behavior with desired outcomes.

Agile in human resources

Most HR teams aren’t strategic drivers of talent and culture, and have been relegated primarily to the processes and procedures that mitigate risk. Agile HR teams, in contrast, are designing and creating the organizational cultures of the future: less structure and bureaucracy, more empowerment and accountability, and real line-of-sight from employees to end result outcomes. A strong HR team is a prerequisite to a company having a vibrant, innovative culture.

We work with organizations to transform HR into a team that drives a culture that:

  • develops high-performance teams
  • is brutally transparent
  • empowers the workforce directly
  • continuously improves within and between teams, on their own
  • builds a candid way of communicating, destroying politics and drama in the workplace
  • suppresses bureaucracy in favor of teams that are aligned with organizational goals

Agile as the core of an innovation-driven organizational culture

Ultimately, Agile is about delivering value to customers, quickly. There’s a significant difference between doing Agile and being Agile. 

For organizations that seek to:

  • innovate by delivering new products and services
  • construct world-class organizational cultures that attract and retain the best talent
  • reinforce a strong organizational mission and bond

Agile might be the way to get there. Transforming a company’s culture from the ground up takes a lot of effort, a willingness to experiment (and fail), and decentralizing organizational power and authority when teams are ready to accept it.

Get Started

If you’re interested in taking the next step with Agile, reach out to us for a private conversation about how we – and our worldwide network of experts – can help.

Email: Nate Adams:

Phone: 319-382-5128

Our Team

Nate Adams, Agile Coach, CSM & CSPO

Nate has worked professionally in the IT industry for nearly 20 years developing software and mentoring and leading teams in a wide range of environments from small companies with dozens of employees to large global enterprises.  As a full-stack software developer, Nate has written code and developed architecture from the UI through the middleware and to the back-end. Nate brings this range of experiences with him to NewBoCo.

As an agile enthusiast and coach, Nate has developed and coached agile teams in many industries using a broad array of practices and methodologies.  Nate has taught the Intro to Agile course at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business as well as several Agile workshops in support of an Agile certificate through Kirkwood Community College. Nate has also given many technical talks for user groups in the Midwest on a broad range of topics.

Nate is especially passionate about helping teams continuously improve how they do work.  To this end, Nate acts as an advocate for team members; striving to make their work less stressful by pushing for a sustainable pace and establishing processes and methodologies that emphasize quality.

Eric Engelmann, CSM & CSPO

Eric has been an eager adopter of Agile since 2008. First introducing the principles to the software team at his company, Geonetric, he expanded it fully across the company in 2013 – including HR, marketing and sales teams. This change built upon the self-organizing nature of Agile teams, and eventually resulted in having no traditional management at all. The company’s 80+ employees have developed tools and methods to work both autonomously and together, resulting in a strong culture that drives continued rapid growth, higher net income, very high client satisfaction rates, and strong employee retention.

After leaving Geonetric, Eric founded NewBoCo, with the intent to accelerate world-changing ideas, from Iowa. The nonprofit has built a local practice focused on adopting Agile in Iowa, but also has a strong network of the best Agile thought leaders in the world.

Eric is a Board Member at Scrum Alliance, the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community.