A one-day event rethinking the 21st century classroom


NewBoCo and IowaBIG are partnering to present a unique opportunity for forward-thinking educators in Iowa: the use of Agile principles and methods in schools. NewBoCo is an aggressive user of agile in aligning organizational strategy with performance. IowaBIG is an innovative school pioneering unique ways to create engagement and accountability with students and teachers. Together, we’re looking to bring new ideas to teachers and educational leaders in Iowa.

This mini-conference is an exploration of:

  • the worldwide agile movement and its impact on schools
  • the lessons learned from other schools and districts around the world that have integrated agile
  • letting students self-organize their learning
  • using visual accountability structures
  • immersing students in reflective feedback
  • understanding how agile can be used in your classroom, school or district

Each participant will be given an Agile Classroom starter kit to take back with them to their classroom or team.

June 2
9 AM-3 PM

Open to educators, educational leadership and legislators involved in education policy.

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The Geonetric Building in the New Bohemia District of Cedar Rapids:

415 12th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


$50/attendee; lunch and drinks provided.


If you have questions, contact Diane Dutton at

Topics & Presenters

Keynote speaker: John Miller, Agile Classrooms

John inspires future-makers in creating a culture of vibrant empowerment in their organizations. As a foster kid, John was motivated to learn how some empowered themselves to become victors over their circumstances and others became victims of them. As the Chief Empowerment Officer of Agile Classrooms, he is pioneering Agile in schools to empower teachers and students to thrive in 21st-century learning, life, and work. As the founder of Rightshift Coaching, he helps organizations in their Agile transformations through coaching and training.

His work and ideas are not only reinvigorating education but he is also revitalizing ways to engage in Agile transformations through his Agile Resonance Coaching method. He has helped a spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to at-risk schools, in pivoting their culture to achieve in a fast-changing, competitive world. He holds a Certified Scrum Coach® certification and is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach, Associate Certified Coach, and a Project Management Professional.

When not focused on work, John loves to surf (well, wiping out more than actually surfing), make silly faces with his seven-year-old daughter, volunteers as a life coach for students, co-leads a Nonviolent Communication Group, and makes insanely delicious drinking chocolates. Say hi to him on Twitter @agileschools.

Virtual guests: Hope High School

Hope High School in Phoenix, AZ, has transformed their school and their district by pioneering the use of agile. Their leadership team will join us for a virtual conference to talk about lessons learned and the outcomes of their work.

Learning Objectives

  • Connect to goals, one another, and presenters using the My World Map

  • Contrast 20th century world to the 21st century world of work and education

  • How to form self-organizing learning teams

  • Use the Learning Alliance Canvas to create team learning agreements

  • Experience a self-organizing Agile classroom through creating a vision of 21st century learning for your school/classroom

  • Recognize the elements of an Agile Classroom

  • Describe how to scaffold Agile in your classroom

Event Schedule

(all times are Central US time zone)

9:00 AM:

  • Intro and welcome, Eric Engelmann
  • Keynote: John Miller, Agile Classrooms
  • 21st Century Classrooms, John Miller and Mike Vizdos

11:00 AM: Krissyn Summer and students of Hope High School, Phoenix, AZ (remote)

Lunch (provided): Open conversation and stories about innovative classrooms

12:45 PM: Willy Wijnands, EduScrum in the Netherlands (remote)

1:15 PM:

  • The Learning Alliance Canvas
  • Developing an Agile Classroom

3:00 PM: Wrapup, optional tour

4:00 PM: Optional Whiskey Friday (yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like!)

6:00 PM: Optional dinner with the group