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Below are just a few of the many resources and examples to start integrating computer science into your classroom. You don’t have to be teaching a computer science class to bring computer science to your students. Whether it be integrating concepts like sequencing, decomposition, or global ethics, or the more commonly identified activity of coding, computer science can engage more of your students in whatever key discipline you are teaching.

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People sit in rows of white tables at an Intrapreneur Academy Workshop. Linn County Auditor Joel Miller and Deputy Director of Elections Rebecca Stonawski sit at the front table.

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We can craft a custom professional development package with options tailored to your classroom and district. Contact us for more info.

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Why computer science in iowa?

NewBoCo is the designated provider of Code.org Professional Learning Programs in Iowa. Our role includes providing quality professional development to educators through local school district partnerships and acting as a regional hub of the global computer science education movement. NewBoCo will work with schools and provide networking and collaboration events for computer science teachers.

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osage school district case study

Learn about our partnership with Code.org and our impact on Osage Community Schools through our computer science curriculum. Both teachers and students have learned coding skills to build better futures.

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