Software Development Instructor

NewBoCo is looking for a Software Development Instructor in Mitchellville, Iowa. This person must have a strong aptitude and desire to help people change their lives and enter the world of professional software development through instruction and guidance. This is a hands-on instruction role as well as being the lead instructor for the DeltaV Code School pilot in the Iowa Correctional Facility for Women. You will work closely with our staff and partners in order to ensure we are delivering students the best possible learning experience in the market.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Assist support team in finding, onboarding and retaining new instructional staff for their campus
  • Manage new instructional staff team members and conduct weekly 1:1’s with campus instructors to convey student feedback and ensure proper corrections are taking place
  • Report weekly with status

Additional Responsibilities

  • Ensure the best possible, highest quality learning environment for students
  • Instruct according to the guidelines and rules set forth in the Instructor Handbook
  • Proactively assist student learning in-person and online
  • Be available to students outside of class, in person, as needed
  • Act as a trainer for Assistant Instructors
  • Effectively manage and leverage the assistance of TAs
  • Ensure that weekly instructor survey is submitted
  • Evaluate assignments and provide meaningful feedback
  • Alert the Company to any significant student issues that arise right away to pull in support, help, and provide resources
  • Support other instructors and teaching assistants with the curriculum, as appropriate
  • Wrap up the course no later than one week after the conclusion of the course
  • Record student performance and report to admissions/headquarters staff for recordkeeping
  • Instruct 101 courses on a limited number of Saturdays throughout the year
  • Attend community tech events on occasion
  • Contribute content for our blog on occasion

Skills & Qualifications

  • 2+ years professional software development experience
  • Professional experience as an instructor or educator, including experience teaching students how to code, recent relevant coding coursework as a student, or demonstrated coding ability
  • Experience coaching and developing a team of instructors and/or software developers
  • Experienced in JavaScript, React.js, HTML/CSS, GitHub, etc.
  • Highly organized individual able to keep multiple projects and tasks on track at once
  • Consistently interested in the consumption of new technologies and incorporating these into existing curriculum

*Instructors are required to pass a background check as a part of the on-boarding process*

*After the first pilot course in Mitchellville, if successful, this position will potentially become full-time*

If you are interested, email us at with:

  • a resume or up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  • some cool projects you’ve worked on (ideally, URLs of public applications if possible. Tell us your role in those projects)
  • examples of instructional materials you’ve created / used
  • a link to your GitHub page
  • anything else that you think helps tells us why you’re the best candidate for this role