Ops Instructor Job Description 

NewBoCo is looking for a Ops Instructor for its DeltaV Code School. This person must have a strong aptitude and desire to help people change their lives and enter the world of information systems and security through instruction and guidance. This is a hands-on instruction role. As a member of the all-new DeltaV Ops and Cybersecurity instructor team, you will work closely with the NewBoCo Education department in order to ensure we are delivering students the best possible learning experience.

Skills & Qualifications

DeltaV maintains a high bar for instructors. We have a thorough evaluation process that measures each candidate’s teaching ability, technical skill set, and overall culture fit. To become a DeltaV instructor, candidates must have at least one of the following two qualifications, spanning a total of at least two years:

  1. Professional information systems experience.
  2. Professional experience as an instructor or educator, including experience teaching students in IT fields, recent relevant security coursework as a student, or demonstrated technical ability.

Instructors must also pass a background check.

Technical Experience

Instructors must have suitable experience to guide students through the following Code Fellows curriculum:

  • Ops 201: Foundations of Computer Operations
    • Technical Service & Support
      • Customer service
      • Endpoint technical support
      • Incident management
      • Issue tracking systems
      • ITIL service management framework
      • Knowledge management, documentation, and standard operating procedures (SOP)
      • Remote desktop support and diagnostics
      • Service level agreement (SLA)
      • Technical reporting and communication
      • Troubleshooting methodology
      • User requirements analysis
    • Hardware & Software
      • Desktops and laptops
      • Imaging, backup, and recovery
      • Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux operating systems
      • Microsoft 365 and Exchange
      • Performance monitoring and tuning
      • Peripherals
      • Printer/copier/fax troubleshooting
      • Software application deployment, updating, and removal
    • Infrastructure connectivity
      • Active directory user support
      • Cloud-based virtual machine deployment
      • Network protocols TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, LAN, SMTP, WAN, VPN, ports, ethernet
      • Network troubleshooting
      • VoIP/SIP-based telephony
      • Wireless networks
  • Ops 301: Systems Administration and Networking
    • Systems Administration
      • Agile project management
      • ITIL change management
      • Linux and Windows network services, like AD, DHCP, DNS, email, LDAP, web servers
      • Cloud services
      • Identity management
    • IT infrastructure and systems design
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
      • Patch management
      • Software administration
      • Virtual machine administration
    • Networking
      • Enterprise-grade routers, switches, firewalls
      • Network analyzer tools
      • Network design
      • Network infrastructure troubleshooting
      • Network service administration (TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS)
      • Routing protocols (OSPF, BGP)
    • Scripting & Automation
      • Bash
      • OS task automation
      • Powershell
      • Python

Responsibilities & Expectations

This is a full-time role, at 40 hours per week. 

The Ops Instructor operates as a technical instructor for students, the manager of the classroom, and a supervisor of Teaching Assistants. 

Instructors are expected to: 

  • Instruct according to the guidelines and rules set forth in the DeltaV Instructor Handbook.
  • Effectively manage and leverage the assistance of TAs.
  • Ensure that a weekly course status survey is submitted.
  • Prepare a welcome letter with pre-work tasks unless it already exists, ensure that this welcome letter is sent and is accurate/consistent with your class/curriculum.
  • Prepare a syllabus, schedule, and assignments using our template materials. If this is already done, ensure that it is accurate/consistent with your class/curriculum. Communicate these to students.
  • Manage the curriculum with a Canvas LMS course, if not already done.
  • Develop (or modify, if working off of existing deck) a slide deck using Google Slides software.
  • Proactively assist student learning in-person and online.
  • Evaluate assignments and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Alert the Company to any significant student issues that arise right away to pull in support, help, and provide resources.
  • Incorporate feedback from the students back into the running of class, balancing need to achieve learning outcomes and needs of the students.
  • Assist with equipment setup and cleanup at the Company’s facilities. Ensure that students understand housekeeping/code of conduct and that facilities are kept in good working condition, clean, etc.
  • Support other instructor(s) and teaching assistant(s) with the curriculum, as appropriate.
  • Ensure the best possible, highest quality learning environment for students.
  • Be available to students outside of class, in person, as needed.
  • Wrap up the course no later than three (3) days after the conclusion of the course. Record student performance and report to admissions/headquarters staff for recordkeeping.
  • Instruct 1-day workshops, potentially out of state, on a limited number of Saturdays throughout the year.
  • Attend community tech events on occasion.
  • Act as a trainer for Assistant Instructors. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Education
    • Bachelors in IT, Information Systems, Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Certifications
    • CompTIA A+
    • CompTIA Network+ or Cisco CCNA
    • ITIL Foundation
    • Agile/Project Management
    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Experience
    • Technical instruction and/or mentorship
      • Leadership
      • Team supervision
      • Planning
      • Communication
    • IT service management
      • Cross-functional collaboration
      • Project management
      • Service desk and issue tracking
      • Documentation and reporting
    • IT infrastructure and technical support
      • Endpoints
        • Virtual machines
        • Windows 10
        • Ubuntu Linux
      • Networking
        • Enterprise-grade routers, switches, firewalls
        • Infrastructure (subnetting, VPN, etc.)
        • Virtual networking
      • Servers
        • Cloud computing
          • AWS
          • Azure
        • Microsoft Windows Server 
        • Active Directory (AD)
        • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Security
        • Best practice security in IT infrastructure and operations

If you are interested, email us at jobs@newbo.co with:

  • a resume
  • some cool projects you’ve worked on (ideally, URLs of public applications if possible. Tell us your role in those projects)
  • examples of instructional materials you’ve created / used
  • a link to your GitHub page